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Antony Tudor Ballet Trust Announces New Amanda McKerrow As New Trustee


The Antony Tudor Ballet Trust is pleased to announce that Amanda McKerrow has been appointed to be its new Trustee, effective immediately. Ms. McKerrow will be responsible for preserving the work and legacy of Antony Tudor for future generations, ensuring that Tudor's works and teachings are never lost. Sally Bliss, who became the Trustee after Antony Tudor's death in 1987, will step down from this position after 30 years. She will remain as Trustee Emeritus.

"Amanda McKerrow has always had a passion for Antony Tudor's ballets and incredible respect for him as one of the great choreographers of the 20th century," Sally Bliss said. "She danced many of his roles and was one of the last dancers to work with him before he passed away. She has a remarkable intuitive quality and understanding of what Tudor envisioned when he created his dances. She is also a smart business woman and fundraiser, and I'm proud to have her as my successor."

"I'm deeply honored to become the new Trustee," Ms. McKerrow said. "One of my great pleasures in life has been to dance in Antony Tudor ballets. His teaching has been deeply personal for me, and it still informs my artistry as a dancer and teacher. I look forward to continuing Sally Bliss' dedicated work, and I am excited to further expand the educational program, encouraging future dance artists to become exemplary performers of Tudor's work."

During her tenure, Ms. Bliss managed the licensing and reconstruction of Tudor ballets worldwide, while preserving the artistic integrity and standard of excellence that Mr. Tudor insisted upon. She also initiated the Antony Tudor Dance Studies, exposing dance university programs to Tudor's choreography and creative process. Ms. McKerrow will continue this work as sole Trustee of Tudor's ballets.

The Antony Tudor Ballet Trust has become known throughout the international dance community for its generosity in enabling world-renowned ballet companies as well as regional ones and university programs to learn and perform Tudor's work. Under McKerrow's leadership, particular attention will be given to the Antony Tudor Dance Studies. John Gardner, former ABT Soloist and member of Mikhail Baryshnikov's White Oak Dance Project, will serve as Director of the dance studies program further developing educational curriculum in university dance programs worldwide, as well as dance schools and academies.

James Jordan, Ballet Master for nearly thirty years at Kansas City Ballet and now Sarasota Ballet, will become Director of Research in the ongoing effort to preserve Mr. Tudor's work. Presently, he is compiling rare and rediscovered materials for the reconstruction of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, which has not been performed since 1976.

Recent productions in 2018 include The Leaves Are Fading by The Sarasota Ballet, Pillar of Fire by Colorado Ballet, Dark Elegies by New York Theatre Ballet, The Leaves Are Fading pas de deux by American Ballet Theatre (ABT), Saddler's Wells Pure Dance program and Ballet Sun Valley, as well as Little Improvisations at the Interlochen Center for the Arts. Upcoming productions include Dark Elegies for Indiana University, Jardin Aux Lilas for ABT, and Continuo for the Paris Opera Ballet School.

Amanda McKerrow is one of America's most beloved ballerinas and sought-after teachers. In 1981, she became the first American to win a gold medal at the Moscow International Ballet Competition, when she was 17. She danced with The Washington Ballet before joining American Ballet Theater under the direction of Mikhail Baryshnikov in 1982. She was appointed Soloist in 1983, and Principal Dancer in 1987. McKerrow began working for the Antony Tudor Ballet Trust in 2000, with her husband John Gardner, staging and coaching Tudor ballets around the world. Since her retirement from ABT in 2005, she has devoted the majority of her time to teaching and coaching. She's the recipient of numerous awards, including the Princess Grace Foundation Dance Fellowship and Statuette, their highest honor.

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