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2014 Tony Awards - Super Fan BroadwayGirlNYC's Live Blog!


NICELY DONE, EVERYONE! Winners, nominees, Hugh, @TheBwayLeague, #TonyAwards event producers, TV audience, fans et al. WE DID IT! #thatsawrap

Rosie O'Donnell presents Best Musical. And it goes to "the little show that could..." A @GentlemansGuide to Love & Murder! #TonyAwards

Current #trending topics: #Tonys2014, Music Man, #HedwigOnBway, Carol King, Kate Mara, Ramin, Elphaba. (#TonyAwards #HelloItsCAROLEwithanE)

Jessie Mueller: "I am proud to represent what all of the women in this category are: strong and vulnerable and complicated, in the best way"

JESSIE WINS IT!!! #TonyAwards

Doesn't even matter who wins anymore. With her dance moves, Jessie Mueller won the whole night. #TonyAwards

Jessie Mueller is my TOTAL FREAKING HERO RIGHT NOW!!!!! #TonyAwards

Hi, Sutton, can you just pass that dress over to me when you're done with tonight? k thanks. #TonyAwards

"Steppin' Out with my Leading Actress in a Musical Nominees" - the hot new hit song from High Jackman #TonyAwards

I sure do love a good tap number. #TonyAwards

Kate Mara & Kevin Bacon present the nominees & winner for Best Revival of a Musical and it is... HEDWIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TonyAwards

Getting close to the end of the show, y'all... most anticipated #TonyAwards of the night!! ...But then no Tonys for a *year*?! #bittersweet

(Notice that I chose compliments other than "it made the earth move under my feet" about the Carole King/ Jessie Mueller duet.) #TonyAwards

You guys, I fully just burst into tears when Carole King came out. Seeing them together touched something in me. WOW - just WOW #TonyAwards

Carole King's intro of the @BeautifulOnBway performance is my favorite moment of the #TonyAwards so far. So honest! So raw! Just gorgeous.

NPH: "Thank you to the people who inspire us. Without my teachers in small town New Mexico, I'd never be able to do this." #TonyAwards

NPH: "A year ago I was hosting the #TonyAwards. This is crazy pants!"


BEST ACTOR IN A MUSICAL IS... #crossingmyfingers #TonyAwards

Well I never thought I'd hear The Music Man like THIS! I'm into it. Revival, anyone...? @LLCoolJ @Tip #TonyAwards

Congrats to Warren Carlyle for winning the Tony for Best Choreography, for @AfterMidnightNY! #TonyAwards

JRB does it again! @MrJasonRBrown picks up his second Tony of the night for @BridgesBroadway, this time for Best Orchestrations. #TonyAwards

Hard to believe that @WICKED_Musical is 10 years old... #TonyAwards

Best Revival of a Play... A RAISIN IN THE SUN! Big night for Kenny Leon -- who I love even more after his Best Director speech. #TonyAwards

When I grow up I want to be @JudithLight

Matt Bomer & Zachary Quinto. Is this the hottest pair to present tonight? #justasking #TonyAwards

I like Sting. I'm eager to hear a cast sing this song in a theatrical, storied context #TonyAwards

JASON ROBERT BROWN got his much-deserved Tony for Best Score for @BridgesBroadway - I'm so happy for him & the show. #TonyAwards

Wayne Brady introduces a performance from VIOLET. Sutton Foster & Joshua Henry lead the number. (Her scar is still invisible) #TonyAwards

And the winner of Best Play is... ALL THE WAY by Robert Schenkkan!! I LOVED THIS PLAY (and I wasn't alive for LBJ, obvs) #TonyAwards

Kenneth Branagh introduces the Best Play playwrights to tell us about their work. Pretty cool to see the folks behind the words. #TonyAwards

Hugh: "In Australia, we call it 'Hedwig and the Angry 2.54 Centimeters'" #metricsystem #TonyAwards

"Marge, they're saying that lady is the nice boy from How I Met Your Mother! Come in here and see this" - guy in middle America #TonyAwards

I LOVE imagining TV viewer's faces as they realize the gravely-voiced dude is actually the hot babe who won the Tony earlier @LenaRockerHall


Crowd goes wild as @RuPaul, in a hot pink satin tux jacket, introduces the "universal story of love & acceptance" that is HEDWIG #TonyAwards

Brian Cranston: "My first Broadway show was, I snuck into the second act of HAIR. To this day I've never seen the first act!" #TonyAwards

BRIAN CRANSTON looks fantastic as he walks to the stage to accept his TONY for ALL THE WAY!! (I'm excited if you can't tell) #TonyAwards

Wow, Samuel Barnett looks really different as a man #TonyAwards

Audra: "I must thank my mom & dad for disobeying the doctors and not medicating their hyperactive child, & finding out what I loved instead"

Audra: "Thanks to my husband, best friend & biggest supporter, Will Swenson" #TonyAwards

Audra is in tears... and the crowd is on its feet... and I AM IN TEARS AND I AM ON MY FEET, TOO #TonyAwards #MakingHistory


Hugh Jackman is SINGING about the nominees for Best Actress in a Leading Role. This is my favorite part of the #TonyAwards: THE SINGING!

Was that three or four costume changes for Jefferson Mays, introducing @GentlemansGuide? #TonysDrinkingGame #oopsyouredrunk #TonyAwards

Sophie Okonedo: "Scott Rudin had the vision to know that a jewish nigerian woman could play one of America's most iconic parts!" #TonyAwards

Vera Farmiga & Ethan Hawke announce Sophie Okonedo as the winner of Best Actress in a Featured Role in a Play! #TonyAwards

Hugh: "Thanks to @AlanCumming & @Cabaret_Musical, sales of nipple glitter are skyrocketing. But man does it chafe!" #TonyAwards

Currently #Tonys2014, #TonyAwards, Lena Hall, Kenny Leon, Les Miz, Andy Karl, & Mark Rylance are all #TRENDING on twitter! YESSSSS.

What I wouldn't give to be as flexible as some of those @Cabaret_Musical girls. #TonyAwards

Maggie Gyllenhaal intros @AlanCumming in his iconic leading role as the Emcee in @Cabaret_Musical. I love a man in eyeliner... #TonyAwards

.@jamesmiglehart: "I know this is supposed to be a dignified show, but I gotta do a praise shout" - and he proceeds to tapdance #TonyAwards

Best Featured Actor is... JAMES MONROE IGLEHART! He has been exactly the magic #Broadway needed this season. #TonyAwards

Fran Drescher & Zachary Levi present Featured Actor in a Musical. She is in a VERY coral mermaid-style dress. #TonyAwards

pee break #TonyAwards #commercial

Samuel L. Jackson introduces a performance of the big fight from @RockyBroadway. Eye of the Tiger, the win, & "ADRIAN!" #TonyAwards

Kenny Leon: "I'm looking forward to the day when all children can have a piece of #theatre in their daily educational lives" #TonyAwards

Best Direction of a Play goes to: KENNY LEON for A Raisin in the Sun! It's his 1st Tony Award; he was also nominated for Fences. #TonyAwards

Best Direction Of a Musical goes to Darko Tresnjak for @GentlemansGuide. It's his #Broadway directorial debut! #TonyAwards

Clint Eastwood is here because he directed the new Jersey Boys movie. He's stumbling a little but not bad for 84 years old! #TonyAwards

While we're talking about IDINA, here's an interesting fact: @Wicked_Musical did NOT win the 2004 Tony. @AvenueQMusical did. #TonyAwards

Jonathan Groff presents IDINA (caps necessary), singing "Always Starting Over". He calles her "wickedly talented" (ouch). #TonyAwards


2009 interview w/ (now #TONYAWARDS WINNER) @LenaRockerHall about the experience of being on an MTV reality show:

Lucy Liu introduces the best number of @Aladdin: "Never Had a Friend Like Me." (If @jamesmiglehart doesn't win, I'll be shocked) #TonyAwards

Remember when Lena Hall was a contestant on "Legally Blonde: The Search for the Next Elle Woods"? #TonyAwards

Lena Hall is freaking out and I LOVE IT. #TonyAwards

LENA HALL WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TonyAwards #IWANTEDTHISONE Yayayayayay!

Tony Goldwyn & Leighton Meester present Best Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical. #TonyAwards

Hugh Jackman, everybody. I could watch that man brush his teeth, he's so f-ing attractive & talented! #TonyAwards

PS. I think Keala Settle should have been nominated for her role as Mme Thenardier in @LesMizBway. She is a powerhouse. #TonyAwards

Emmy Rossum introduces "One Day More" performance from @LesMizBway. (Shout out to @AndrewKober, @RaminKarimloo, & @NikkiMJames!) #TonyAwards

Mark Rylance dedicated his Tony to Sam Wanamaker, blacklisted American actor who became the benefactor of London's Globe Theatre #TonyAwards

MARK RYLANCE WINS! Can I get another poem about a fence ? #TonyAwards

Anna Gunn & Orlando Bloom announcing the nominees for Best Actor in a Featured Role #TonyAwards

Hugh: When it was announced I was hosting, NPH texted me 'Wow That's Fantastic' - that's what WTF means, right Neil?" #TonyAwards

Hugh Jackman: "If you like men dressing like women, or drag queens, there's something for everyone" #TonyAwards

Man I'm glad I'm DVRing the #TonyAwards. I could watch the cast of @AfterMidnightNY perform over & over & over again. #OldSchoolTalent #Wow

The @AfterMidnightNY all-stars: @FantasiaBabyyy, @MsPattiPatti, and @MsGladysKnight TOGETHER. (Can I get tickets to that?) #TonyAwards

OMG Clint Eastwood. I hope he does that monologue with the empty chair again! #TonyAwards

Hugh Jackman in the elevator with Neil Patrick Harris. TAPDANCE, YOU TWO!! #TonyAwards

Wait was that @OfficialSting?! #TonyAwards

Hugh Jackman is literally bunny-hopping through the crowd and through the bowels of Radio City Music Hall #cardio #TonyAwards

Bounce, bounce, bounce #TonyAwards

This is your last chance to pee before the show starts... #TonyAwards

The CAPS LOCK means I'm REALLY EXCITED #TonyAwards

Nine minutes to broadcast, nine minutes to broadcast. PLACES FOR THE 2014 #TONYAWARDS, everybody!! #BestNightOfTheYear


SPOILER WARNING. I will be tweeting everything about the #TonyAwards as it happens live. BECAUSE I CAN'T NOT!! #iwaitallyearforthis #bestday

Yo, I love the #redcarpet, but I'm starting to itch for the actual start of the #TonyAwards...

.@AudraEqualityMc "My money is on Cherry [Jones]" for the Best Actress in a Play category (Audra's category!) #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Audra McDonald: "It's so nice to see everyone so CLEAN! Working in the #theatre, we are never really clean." ...OK? #TonyAwards #redcarpet

James Monroe Iglehart: "Howard Ashman's first vision of the genie was a Cab Calloway/Fats Waller type. I got lucky on that one!" #TonyAwards

James Monroe Iglehart: "I wore a Genie-esque tux & shoes tonight. It just seemed right" #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Next year I'm writing a #TonysDrinkingGame for the @NY1onstage #redcarpet coverage, in addition to the main game. Remind me, k? #TonyAwards

Orlando Bloom is presenting tonight. I hope he rides in on a motorcycle. And does a shirtless scene #TonyAwards @RomeoJulietBway

Diane Paulus: "Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton were at ALL THE WAY today. They came backstage after leading a standing ovation" #TonyAwards

Tyne Daly: "When I got married, my [interracial] marriage was illegal in 17 states. We watched them fall. It's happening again" #TonyAwards

Terrence McNally: "I wrote Mothers & Sons to remember where we came from, & to do honor to those who didn't live [through AIDS]" #TonyAwards

Terrence McNally is wearing a "Mothers & Sons" baseball cap on the #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Idina: "Reuniting onstage with #Rent star Anthony Rapp has been a gift. We bounce off of each other like no one else" #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Idina Menzel SHINES in burgundy with gorgeous jewels. She says: "#Broadway feels like home" #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Daniel Radcliffe: "I learn about myself as an actor every single time I go on stage. Every performance teaches me something" #TonyAwards

Daniel Radcliffe: "New York audiences are so fantastic. You are probably tired of hearing British actors say that" #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Jason Robert Brown: "@kelliohara is so wonderful that she opens her mouth & even terrible writing sounds incredible." #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Jason Robert Brown: "No matter how long a show runs, what matters is that @BridgesBroadway was everything I wanted it to be." #TonyAwards

Sutton Foster on the #redcarpet: "I'm still the excited 15-year-old kid who watched the #TonyAwards and wanted to be one of the stars"

Neil Patrick Harris on the #redcarpet: "It was fun to be the PT Barnum of the #TonyAwards, but now I get to be one of the specialty acts"

Nominee @joshuahenry20 to @frandrescher (who is announcing his category): "Is it too late to slip you $20?" #TonyAwards #redcarpet

.@LenaRockerHall "I wear a packer, a prosthetic [penis]. It makes me walk differently & it makes me talk with a Croatian accent" #TonyAwards

Lena Hall & Nick Cordero are walking the #TonyAwards #redcarpet together. I know theyre not a couple, but they sure look pretty side-by-side

Frank DiLella asked @JudithLight, "what have you seen on #Broadway this season?" Judith proceeded to list every show on Broadway #TonyAwards

Is Judith Light ALWAYS flawless or is it just me? #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Jefferson Mays: "I used to come home from school and put on a smoking jacket to do my homework" #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Jefferson Mays is SO debonaire. Can you think of any other adjective to so perfectly describe him? #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Jonathan Groff: "I'm dying to get back on stage" FROM YOUR LIPS TO #BROADWAY'S EARS!!! #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Jon Groff: "I've been practicing saying Idina Menzel, Idina Menzel, Idina Menzel -- I think I've got it." (He's introducing her) #TonyAwards

.@zachbraff: "I couldn't do what Neil Patrick Harris does, but if I could, I'd love to play #Hedwig" #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Zach Braff: "It is thrilling to get to introduce my brilliant co-stars" @BulletsOverBway #TonyAwards #redcarpet

. @ZachBraff brought his dad to the #TonyAwards SO CUTE!

Tom Kitt: "From the beginning, @IdinaMenzel has been wonderful." "Brian Yorkey: "And she is totally fearless." #TonyAwards #redcarpet

NY1's @fdilella, to Kelli O'Hara: "It's a crime that @BridgesBroadway is not on #Broadway anymore" #TonyAwards #redcarpet

.@kelliohara: "I'm not really into pink, but I chose a pink dress because I had a baby girl this year" #TonyAwards #redcarpet

KELLI O'HARA #stunning #needisaymore #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Celia Keenan-Bolger is stunning in red with a gorgeous up-do #TonyAwards #redcarpet

.@celiakb: "Glass Menagerie was not one of my favorite plays when I was in school. Boy was I wrong!" #TonyAwards #redcarpet

.@official_orfeh: "Every night Andy Karl comes home with new bruises." Andy: "I call them my badges of courage." #TonyAwards #redcarpet

Andy Karl in a polka-dotted bow-tie & a black tux (@KennethCole), w gorgeous @official_orfeh on his arm, walking the red carpet #TonyAwards

Buckle up, kids. It's going to be a long and FABULOUS night! #jazzhands #TonyAwards


I just took some advil to stave off the cramping in my fingers from tweeting so frequently & passionately over the next 5 hours #TonyAwards

It's the big day and I haven't slept all weekend. I'll be live-tweeting at @BroadwayGirlNYC and posting here. Remember, the newest posts are at the TOP! And don't forget to play along (responsibly) with my 2014 #TonysDrinkingGame:

It's BroadwayGirlNYC's FAVORITE day of the year! Follow along as she live blogs and live tweets the 2014 Tony Awards!

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