New Book Publishing Releases 'Fool's Return'

New Book Publishing Releases 'Fool's Return'

"Fool's Return,' a new novel being released March 3, taps the contemporary zeitgeist in a story that intertwines suspense, past life regression and energy technology.

"I am interested in metaphysics and cutting-edge ideas that advance and improve technology. The narrative of my novel brushes on metaphysical topics that inspire change and rebirth and features a lithium ion battery at the cutting edge of nanostructure science. These seem like two strong themes for a compelling story about a woman seeking change," says Chervil, a thought leader with a strong interest in personal and environmental sustainability and energy technology.

"My main character, Gabrielle, is a venture capitalist stuck in her job and in her marriage. On a business trip to Castine, Maine, she meets a fortune teller whose intuitive guidance takes her on a spiritual journey that in many ways reflects her technological mission, which has profound implications for the planet."

Interestingly, Chervil says, the futuristic energy technology she envisioned when she wrote "Fools Return" is already beginning to make headlines.

"Gabrielle gets involved with a project, a new battery with an amazing capacity to hold a solar-generated charge. It's the very thing we need to render the traditional power grid obsolete," she says.

In an unusual case of life imitating art, Tesla Motors' CEO recently announced the electric-car manufacturer plans to build a "gigafactory" to significantly boost production of its energy-storing batteries. Given that Tesla batteries store enough energy to power a house for more than three days, the move brings traditional utilities one step closer to their eventual demise, experts say.

Chervil's novel integrated the Tesla brand, featuring Tesla Model S and SolarCity as the solar panel company that provided the solar-generated charge for the battery technology prototype at the heart of the story.