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LIVE BLOG: Carrie Dunn on the 2011 Tony Awards!

LIVE BLOG: Carrie Dunn on the 2011 Tony Awards!

4.05am GMT: So The Book of Mormon wins Best Musical, NPH finishes with a summary rap, urges us all to go to see Broadway shows, and exits the stage. Me? I'm going to go to sleep. Thanks for joining me tonight/this morning (depending on your time zone). See you next year!

3.59am GMT: Chris Rock complains about it being late and then witters on about himself and makes offensive for a bit, all the better to finish on time.

3.51am GMT: What the heck has happened to Catherine Zeta-Jones's accent? She seems to remember that she's Welsh half way through, and presents Best Actor to Mark Rylance, and Best Actor in a Musical to Norbert Leo Butz. Rather surprised by the latter - again, based solely on what we saw earlier in the show.

3.45am GMT: Amazing. One of the Weather Girls duetting with the cast of Priscilla. And this performance comes just two and a half hours after Neil Patrick Harris tried to sell Broadway musicals to straight men.


3.40am GMT: Donna Murphy holds up a printed card saying hello to her dad, and adds herself to my Rage List. Sutton Foster wins Best Actress in a Musical, and proceeds to thank all her teachers since she was a kid. No, really, she actually does, I'm not just being snarky. She then bursts into tears and squeaks goodbye to her dresser who is leaving her in a range that only dogs can hear.

3.37am GMT: Frances McDormand wins Best Actress for Good People, and she is wearing a denim jacket. She says she's accepting the award for the company. But it's not FOR them. It's for you. That's why it's for the best actress. Silly.

3.30am GMT: Tyne Daly introduces the tributes to those in theatre who have passed away over the past year. Applause throughout the montage of headshots.

3.25am GMT: Well, based entirely on tonight's performances, because I haven't seen either production, Anything Goes totally deserves best revival, presented by Kelsey Grammer.

3.23am GMT: An over-excited Christie Brinkley introduces the all-star cast of Company performing Side by Side.

3.21am GMT: And then a quick compilation of clips from random plays, ditto.

3.18am GMT: A quick catch-up on the people who won Lifetime Achievement awards this year. Their achievements weren't significant enough to get longer than ten seconds of airtime each, though, obviously.

3.08am GMT: Hooray, some tap-dancing from Sutton Foster and the cast of Anything Goes! I kind of see what the red-carpet reporter earlier meant now - Foster has a gorgeous voice and she's put a brassy twist on it for her role, it seems - can anyone who's seen it confirm?

3.04am GMT: I really hoped it would be Samuel L Jackson who accorded The Mother With The Hat its full title.

2.57am GMT: One hour left. We have appearances from Catherine Zeta Jones and Patti LuPone to fit in yet.

2.55am GMT: The cast of Memphis perform. They won best musical last year. This is a sloppy show from them - maybe more sound issues? Never mind, Jackman is clapping along, which means I suppose it's good enough for me.

2.50am GMT: Patrick Wilson, aka the best singer in the Phantom of the Opera movie, presents best revival of a play to A Normal Heart.

2.40am GMT: Ooh, Patina Miller leads the cast of Sister Act in Raise Your Voice. Weird to see and hear her without the London cast. And there are some nasty sound issues here, it seems - not a great ad for the show, which is sad. However, Whoopi Goldberg, in her introduction, says Ghost will be on Broadway, so that's interesting.

2.35am GMT: Sorry, flagging a bit now. Robin Williams presents best book of a musical to Book of Mormon. It's weird, Williams looks like an old man with that big beard, but he still sounds like Mork.

2.25am GMT: Very much enjoying Damiano's wig.

2.23am GMT: Bono and the Edge say that when they first saw the Tony Awards on their schedule, they assumed they had been nominated. HA! "Thanks for your patience," says Bono, before introducing a section from the show.

2.22am GMT: Brooke Shields then completely messes up her presenter's speech, getting well and truly bleeped. That woman has not had a great night.

2.18am GMT: Oh, Hugh Jackman, how I love you. He and NPH do a little skit about who is the best host, including a big song-and-dance medley, with elements of West Side Story ("Stick to your sitcoms! Stick to your situation comedies!") and A Chorus Line. I wish Hugh Jackman could be in everything ever.

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