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BWW Interviews: LEGALLY BLONDE's Aoife Mulholland


Hi Aoife! Welcome to BWW:UK. You've been in Legally Blonde for almost 9 months now, how's it all going?

It's going great, thanks - great cast, fun show.

You've got a pretty strenuous song at the top of Act 2...what's your secret for getting through it?!

My fitness is at its peak now so I don't find it as strenuous as the beginning of the contract...having said that I still mess up now and again!

Having sat there myself, I've always been a bit worried that someone on the front row will accidentally be whipped into shape by an AWOL skipping rope...have you had any major skipping disasters so far?

I wrapped the rope around my neck once and spent the whole number trying to undo myself...I haven't lost my rope yet, though I'll probably lose it tonight just for saying that!

Let's hope not! I'll feel immensely guilty for having asked the question! Right, now on to serious matters...the infamous Aoife-abs. Tell us, is it all down to skipping, or do you do other forms of exercise?

Skipping all the way! I used to go to the gym before I started the show but not anymore. The routine is enough for me. I find the gym sooo boring.

Do you ever wake up and think, 'I really can't be bothered with this today!', and if so, how do you motivate yourself?

Yes, there are days when I'm tired, especially on two-show days - it's a bit of a struggle to get the energy up on a Saturday evening, but once the music starts in Act 2, the energy comes from somewhere. I'd never give a half-hearted effort just because of tiredness - people have paid good money for tickets so I need to give it 100% every show.

You've played a nicely diverse range of roles so far: nun, murderess, fitness queen...which has been your favourite?

I loved Roxie [Roxie Hart in Chicago] most of all, I think - she's such a little devil, so much fun!

And which has been the toughest?

Roxie again - not only is it a tough acting role, but the dancing is tricky too - I had so many neck injuries from 'Both Reached for the Gun' when I had to act like a rag doll. I don't miss those physio visits!

Are there any roles in particular that you'd like a stab at in the future?

Eliza Doolittle - she's everything in one character.

Do you get the time to go and see other shows very often?

I always try to see a lot of plays and shows when I'm out of work. To be honest, the last place I want to go to on my day off is a theatre!

What's your favourite show currently running in the West End?

Jersey Boys or Billy Elliot.

Would you consider doing straight plays in the future, or would you rather stick to musicals?

Yes, I would love to do straight plays, or TV...take note, casting agents!

You're married now. Is it hard to juggle a theatre career and family life?

Sure is, my hubby works 9-5 so we never really see each other - I keep telling him he needs to get into musical theatre so we can see more of each other, but unfortunately he's tone deaf!

Oh dear! Possibly not the best choice of career for him, then! What's next for you?

I've just signed for another year in Legally Blonde, so I'll be there for the next year. Another year of skipping - I'm a sucker for punishment!

Aoife Mulholland stars as Brooke Wyndham in Legally Blonde at the Savoy Theatre.


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