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An Ideal Husband Video

An Ideal Husband on Video - 1999


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Sexy leading man Rupert Everett heads an acclaimed all-star cast in this wonderfully witty story of decadence, romance, and scandal! Sir Robert is a highly respected politician whose spotless reputation is the pride of his beautiful wife (Cate Blanchett ) and adoring sister (Minnie Driver). But when an old acquaintance (Julianne Moore) threatens to reveal a dark secret from Robert's past, only his womanizing party-loving best friend Goring (Everett) is scheming and dishonest enough to come to his aid.

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Cate Blanchett – Lady Gertrude Chiltern

Minnie Driver – Miss Mabel Chiltern

Rupert Everett – Lord Arthur Goring

Julianne Moore – Mrs. Laura Cheveley

Jeremy Northam – Sir Robert Chiltern

John Wood – Lord Caversham

Peter Vaughan – Phipps

Ben Pullen – Tommy Trafford

Marsha Fitzalan – Countess

Lindsay Duncan – Lady Markby

Neville Phillips – Mason

Nickolas Grace – Vicomte de Nanjac

Simon Russell Beale – Sir Edward

Anna Patrick – 'Miss Danvers

Delia Lindsay – Lady Basildon

Studio: Miramax Films

Filmed: 1999 - Released: 1999

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