BWW Review: THE PIRATES at Daehangno Dream Art Center Hall 2, 'All Aboard!'

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BWW Review: THE PIRATES at Daehangno Dream Art Center Hall 2, 'All Aboard!'

Pirates have always been a common type of villain in various different cultural contents. Starting from the infamous pirate that haunted young children, Captain Hook from Peter Pan to the most iconic pirate of all, Jack Sparrow from the hit movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean, pirates have been portrayed in a certain way with adjectives such as 'vicious' or 'greedy.' However THE PIRATES the musical introduces the audience to think of pirates with adjectives such as 'loving' or 'honest.' Having its first production ever, THE PIRATES had its departure of the darkness on March 10th, announcing the beginning of a new voyage.

THE PIRATES is about four pirates who embark on an exciting journey to find the hidden treasure of Rose Island. Based on historical facts and combined with the playwright's imagination, THE PIRATES introduce a new perspective on the true identity of pirates. Jack, the captain of the pirate ship who acts rough and tough is actually very soft at heart. Louise, a young boy whose father was a former pirate, joins Jack on his journey after finding out that his father's legacy was the treasure map of Rose Island. Ann Bonny, denied from society because she was born as an illegitimate child joins the pirate as a gunman. Last but not least, Mary Read who went by the name Mark Read also takes part in the voyage as she was a skilled sword master. Ann Bonny and Mary Read are actually two of the most famed female pirates of all time in history. The interesting aspect of THE PIRATES is that the actor who portrays Captain Jack also portrays Mary Read and the actor who plays the role of Louise also plays the role of Ann Bonny. Not only this, the show is one of the few Korean musical productions that cast both men and women for the same role.

The show uses minimal sets as the stage is limited with space, therefore there is an emphasis on props. To express the change of location, such as that they are on the pirate ship, rather than bringing in a massive piece of a stage set that looks like a ship, a model of a ship is put on stage. However, the props or themes that have significant importance were thoroughly emphasized throughout the show. For instance, Jack's Jolly Roger which is different from the commonly known flag, with two swords rather than two crossbones, is constantly shown throughout the show. One of the most interesting props is a stuffed parrot, who has the name of Victoria the 2nd. Though it is one parrot, there are actually several different parrots on the stage and with lights, the show gives the image that Victoria the 2nd is actually flying or talking.

THE PIRATES is a musical that feels like you were reading a story. Despite the fact that the overall plot of the story feels like a children's book, the hidden meaning and message is one for all. Not only did the creative team did the bold action of casting different genders for the same role, challenging the actors to portray both man and woman at the same time, but they also gave the audience a chance to look at pirates with a different perspective. Like the saying, 'You can't judge a book by its cover,' maybe pirates were not all like Captain Hook or Jack Sparrow, there may have been pirates just like Captain Jack who disguised himself to look like the toughest pirate of all. It is truly a heartwarming story of four pirates who each struggle with their issues but come to learn what is important.

The opportunity to become a part of THE PIRATES ends on May 19th. The show is currently playing at Daehangno Dream Art Center, Hall 2. The run time is 110 minutes and the price for tickets is 48, 000 KRW. Check the cast prior to purchasing tickets.

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