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BWW TV: What Does RENT Really Mean to You? The Cast and Creative Team Answer! by BroadwayWorld TV - Jan 27, 2019

There is truly no day but today when it comes to FOX's Rent, which airs tonight at 8pm. Since it premiered off Broadway in 1996, the musical has earned a special place in the hearts of all those who have encountered Jonathan Larson's powerful message- Rentheads and ordinary theatre-goers alike. Below, watch as the company takes a moment to chat about what Rent really means to each of them. 

BWW TV: RENT Role Swap? Find Out Which Characters the Cast Wants to Play! by TV - Press Previews - Jan 25, 2019

Roger, Mark, Mimi, Maureen, Joanne, Angel, Collins, and Benny will all get their time to shine on Sunday night, when Fox presents Rent! While the star-studded cast gets ready to bring these now iconic characters to life on television, we couldn't help but wonder... if they could play a different part, which would they choose? Find out who and why below!

VIDEO: Watch a New Promo for RENT on FOX! by Stage Tube - Jan 25, 2019

FOX has shared a new promo for RENT, the live-musical event airing Sunday, January 27, at 8PM EST. 

BWW TV: How Do You Measure a Song? RENT Company Picks Their Favorite Musical Moments! by TV - Press Previews - Jan 22, 2019

From the iconic 'Seasons of Love' to the anthemic 'Finale B;' the energetic 'La Vie Boheme' to the tragic 'I'll Cover You (Reprise),' Rent is full of exceptional musical moments and FOX is bringing them to the small screen on January 27. Below, watch as the company tells us all about their very favorite musical moments from Rent!

BWW TV: Costume Designer Angela Wendt on Creating the Look of FOX's RENT! by TV - Press Previews - Jan 20, 2019

When it comes to creating an iconic look, costume designer Angela Wendt knows what she's doing. Over two decades after giving Rent its legendary Broadway look, she returns to give the characters equally memorable costumes for Rent on Fox. Below, watch as she gives us a sneak peek of one of her costume trailers on set!

VIDEO: Watch RENT Cast Rehearse 'Seasons of Love' Acapella! by Stage Tube - Jan 18, 2019

There's no day but January 27 when it comes to FOX's Rent! Below, watch as the cast jams out to the musical's most iconic tune, 'Seasons of Love.'

BWW TV: Everything Is RENT! Meet the Bohemians of FOX's Next Live Musical by TV - Press Previews - Jan 14, 2019

There's no day but January 27 when it comes to FOX's Rent, and the cast and creative team are over the moon about it. BroadwayWorld is taking you straight to the Fox lot, where the whole gang is busy rehearsing for the big night. Watch below as they chat about what will make this version special, how they got their roles, and so much more!

VIDEO: RENT LIVE Cast Talks the Legacy of Jonathan Larson in Touching Tribute by Stage Tube - Dec 21, 2018

Below, watch as the cast opens up about the themes of the show, the impact of its message, and the legacy of Jonathan Larson.

VIDEO: Watch Frankie and Ariana Grande Perform 'Seasons of Love' for RENT LIVE Submission! by Stage Tube - Dec 14, 2018

RENT Live is asking Rentheads across the nation to submit their own renditions of the show's classic song, 'Seasons of Love' to #RentSingAlong for their chance to be featured in the official music video for the song and Frankie Grande featuring Ariana Grande have posted their own!

VIDEO: RENT LIVE Will Match Donations to BC/EFA to on World AIDS Day by Stage Tube - Nov 30, 2018

In recognition of World AIDS Day on Saturday, 12/1, FOX's upcoming live musical production of RENT is matching donations to BROADWAY CARES/EQUITY FIGHTS AIDS, up to $20,000. Watch a special message from the cast below!

Video: The Cast of RENT LIVE! Assembles for Their First Photo Shoot! by Stage Tube - Nov 21, 2018

There's no day but January 27, 2019 when it comes to FOX's Rent.The show's young cast assembled this week for its first official photo shoot and Entertainment Tonight was on the scene to chat with Vanessa Hudgens, Jordan Fisher, and the rest of the Rent Live gang!



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