Theatre Information

Alvin Theatre (New York, NY)
250 W. 52nd St.

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Red, Hot and Blue! Production Information


October 29, 1936

# Performances:183
Theatres: Colonial Theatre (Boston, MA)
10/7/1936 - ?

Alvin Theatre (New York, NY)
10/29/1936 - 4/10/1937

Production Type:Original Production
Production Status:
Run Type:Open Run


Other Productions of Red, Hot and Blue!

1936   Broadway Original Broadway Production
2000   Regional (US) Goodspeed Production
Regional (US)
2001   Milburn, NJ (Regional) Paper Mill Production
Milburn, NJ (Regional)


Audio Recordings

1939  Studio Cast
unknown  Compilation

Show Information

SHOW TYPE: Musical


  • But Millions (working title)
  • Wait for Baby (working title)

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

At Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe in Cheyenne
It's a Great Life
Perennial Debutantes
Down in the Depths on the Ninetieth Floor
a.k.a. Down in the Depths
a.k.a. Down in the Depths on the 90th Floor
a.k.a. On the 90th Floor
Carry On
You've Got Something
It's De-Lovely
a.k.a. It's Delovely
A Little Skipper from Heaven Above
Five Hundred Million
Ridin' High
a.k.a. Riding High
We're About to Start Big Rehearsin'
Hymn to Hymen
What a Great Pair We'll Be
You're a Bad Influence on Me
Red, Hot and Blue!
a.k.a. Red, Hot and Blue

Cut prior to opening

Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye
a.k.a. Goodbye Little Dream, Goodbye
a.k.a. Good-bye, Little Dream, Good-bye
When Your Troubles Have Started
Bertie and Gertie
Who, But You
a.k.a. Who But You
That's the News I'm Waiting to Hear
a.k.a. Where
Lonely Star

Added during the Broadway run

The Ozarks Are Callin' Me Home
a.k.a. The Ozarks Are Calling Me Home