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Wicked Clone - 2019 - Off-Broadway

Starting at $85

WICKED CLONE is the tale of a vampire bitten by a human being. Born without a heartbeat, memories or inspiration, Mihaela flees from Transylvania to New York and pulls her fangs out in order to love and become a human. Her "Wicked Clone" twin sister Gabriela follows her through space and time to bring her back to her vampiric roots. Featuring fairy tale elements of traditional Transylvanian folklore with themes related to Goethe's Faust, Ibsen's Peer Gynt or Dante's Divine Comedy, WICKED CLONE is the compelling story of two identical twin sisters born in Transylvania in 1483, who live and work in 2018 NYC.

WICKED CLONE is a cinema musical, a new genre that projects the audience into an immersive blend of theater & film and an epic story of rebirth. The twins will be performing 21 of their original pop-gypsy compositions and hot-blooded choreography, wearing royal garments of Transylvanian inspiration.


Running Time: 90 minutes

Playboy Club

(New York, NY)
512 West 42nd Street

Wicked Clone Off-Broadway Cast


by Stage Tube - September 5, 2019
While preparing for an epic tour of their off Broadway long-running hit 'Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical', Indiggo Twins premiere their new video 'Wicked Clone,' the title song of their Cinema Musical and cast album released under Broadway Records: