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The Poor Fool - 1916 - Broadway


Comedy Theatre

(New York, NY)
110 W. 41st St.
by Juan Michael Porter II - Sep 11, 2017
This simple folk tale focuses on falling in love, taking on responsibility, and learning how to fly. Told through fantastic music, a clever use of masks, and puppetry, BEFORE THE SUN AND MOON casts a spell of enchantment across the entire audience.
by Teresa Rodrick - Aug 11, 2014
As always the opening night of a show is very exciting. Seeing the folks you know in the audience, saying hello to your seat neighbors, and getting a sneak peek see the portions of the set that Idaho Shakespeare Festival allows you to see before the show begins. I try to not do any research on a play I am going to see before I see it. Especially if I do not know anything about it yet. I like to give the theatre a chance to explain to me what will happen on their own terms.