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Red-Eye to Havre de Grace - 2014 - Off-Broadway

Called an ”action-opera” by New York Theatre Workshop, Red-Eye to Havre de Grace outlines the strange final days of Edgar Allan Poe, who inexplicably abandoned a lecture tour and died a few days later. It is a collaboration between the experimental group Lucidity Suitcase International and the musical duo Wilhelm Bros. & Co. The show is informed by Poe’s writing and includes original music.

Following its run at the 2012 Live Arts Festival in Philadelphia, critic Charles Isherwood in the New York Times said “At times funny, at times heartbreaking, and from quirky start to haunting finish a feast of entrancing visual allurements, this exquisite show is among the most original musical theater works I’ve seen in years.”


Running Time: One hour and 30 minutes

New York Theatre Workshop

(New York, NY)
79 East 4th Street

Red-Eye to Havre de Grace Off-Broadway Cast


by Michael Dale - May 4, 2014
New York Theatre Workshop offers an intriguing abstract piece exploring Edgar Allen Poe's mysterious death.