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Nordo Presents Holiday Murder Mystery In A Box: CHRISTMAS OF THE CORN

Streaming November 27th – December 27th.

Nordo Presents Holiday Murder Mystery In A Box: CHRISTMAS OF THE CORN

The tumultuous year of 2020 brings this holiday tradition from the stage to your home in an equally deliciously and entertaining pivot from Nordo's signature live dinner events.

Make this season memorable with Christmas of the Corn, Nordo's fifth annual holiday collaboration with Seattle treasure Scot Augustson. A comedy told through radio play and delivered in a parcel filled with presents to solve a murder in the quaint town of Drupe Fruit, Minnisconsan.

The story has all the trimmings as it unfolds in Nordo-style cookies, crafts, and cocktails with additional holiday feast add-ons such as Reindeer Shepherd's Pie. This double-entendre laden nostalgia trip can be delivered to your door beginning November 27th.

"The misadventures of Becky-June Beasley Jones have been a Nordo holiday tradition for years, and though this year looks a little different, Seattle would be remiss to miss it. And, in this imaginative form, it's full of all the expected Becky-June bawdy fun," said Nordo co-Artistic Director Terry Podgorski.

How it works: A handsome red box, bedecked with Nordo's holiday best, arrives at your door at the appointed time. Attached is a train ticket back home to the cornfed Midwest of multiple murders. On the ticket is a website that provides access to a titillating radio play that tells the story of Becky-June Beasley-Jones, her romance with Carl Marlboro, the search for her missing father, and of course...a Christmas murder involving a technicolor cloak.

While listening to the radio play, Becky-June prompts you to unpack your kit: decorate tree ornaments, frost holiday cookies (with the help of Nordo Executive Chef Erin Brindley), and play the game of Holiday Valley with illustrations by local artist Jed Dunkerley.

"If Aunt Prudence isn't able to stomach a few jokes about the Patron Saint of Monogamy, you'd be wise to skip this holiday fun," remarks Podgorski.
Christmas of the Corn is directed by Jasmine Joshua, starring Brendan Mack "Butch Alice" as Becky-June Beasley-Jones. The radio play features the vocal talents of Susanna Burney, Madison Jade Jones, David Gehrman, and Evan Mosher, with Mosher doubling as sound designer and audio engineer. Music arranged by Annastasia Workman.

Nordo's Room Service provides add-on options including a Holiday feast of Shepherd's Pie accompanied by Nordo's twist on holiday sides, like Rosemary Antipasto Wreaths and wine, of course. Add-ons bring it all together for one lovely gift with home delivery and zero-contact.

For the Mature or Oblivious Audience: It is bawdy. It is blasphemous. But you can count the swear words on your fingers and if your kid is laughing at taint jokes don't look at us! The story content is written for adults, but the activities in the box are all-ages fun and most of the dirty jokes in the radio play will sail right over kids' heads.

Streaming November 27th - December 27th *Delivery available between 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Thursday and Friday or 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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