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EDINBURGH 2019: Review: SOOZ KEMPNER: MEGA DRIVE, The Globe Bar Mega Drive is a comedy show that centres around the games that Sooz Kempner played while growing up in the 90's and how they have affected her ambition today.

Mega Drive makes excellent use of multimedia as a projector plays video clips from old Sega games (some of which have aged terribly). Though it isn't essential to have knowledge of the games you'll probably find it a lot funnier if you do.

While this is a really well written show, part of what makes it so special is how quickly the audience got on board. This is one of the best atmospheres I've experienced at an Edinburgh show in a while.

The show is mostly lighthearted and fun but touches briefly on Kempner's tendency to be self depricating and hard on herself. It's relatable for so many reasons- particularly to anyone that also grew up in the 90's.

Mega Drive is a pay what you want show so I would suggest getting there early as I strongly suspect it'll be packed out for the rest of the month.

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