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Review: CYRANO DE BERGERAC, Tramway, Glasgow

Review: CYRANO DE BERGERAC, Tramway, Glasgow

Review: CYRANO DE BERGERAC, Tramway, Glasgow

Glasgow's Citizens Theatre is currently undergoing a £19.4million scheme to repair, conserve and transform their Gorbals home. During the two year renovation, their productions will be staged at the Tramway and Cyrano de Bergerac is the first show of the Citz residency in their temporary home.

Cyrano falls for the bonniest lass, Roxanne but can't tell her how he feels because he's insecure about his large nose. Christian also loves Roxanne and Cyrano agrees to lend his words to Christian in order to win her over. What follows is a complicated love story spanning fourteen years.

Edwin Morgan's Scots translation of Edmond Rostand's text is rich with Glaswegian patter and is nothing short of a masterpiece. The language is playful as Cyrano threatens enemies that he will 'skelp their lugs' and insults such as 'bawheid' and 'nyaff' fly throughout.

Brian Ferguson is outstanding in the lead role and reels off lengthy complex monologues with ease. Ferguson also plays up the comedy elements of the role beautifully and shatters hearts during the more emotional scenes.

Tramway is a wonderful space and this production makes full use of it. The audience are seated at both sides of the stage as well as in front of it and the cast move throughout the whole auditorium.

Cyrano de Bergerac is a visual treat as Lizzie Powell's lighting design ranges from vibrant to bleak as the story evolves and the men head to war in Spain. Pam Hogg's costume design is breathtaking and the lavish gowns worn by Roxanne contrast with the soldiers uniforms and sparse stage.

Dominic Hill's production with the National Theatre of Scotland is a bold delight and I can't imagine there's anything else quite like it!

Cyrano de Bergerac runs at the Tramway, Glasgow until 22nd September.

Photo credit: Mihaela Bodlovic

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