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Ghostlight - Betty Buckley 2014


Ghostlight - Betty Buckley
Palmetto Records

Betty Buckley's new album Ghostlight re-unites her with longtime friend and producer T Bone Burnett on the September 16 release by Palmetto Records. When Buckley and Burnett were both 19 years old, living in Fort Worth, TX, they began making music together. Buckley, who has been called "The Voice of Broadway," is one of theater's most respected and legendary leading ladies. Burnett's highly sought after involvement in music, film, TV and stage projects is marked by his uncanny ability to successfully combine his unique artistic sensibilities with massive commercial appeal. These two friends and talents created an atmosphere that takes us to another time and place. The title of the recording comes from the tradition in the theatre where, after the performance in the dark theatre, a lone light bulb is left on at night to keep the ghosts company. This light is called a ghost light. The recording of Ghostlight was made at the legendary Village Studios in Los Angeles. Ghostlight will be available for sales as a commemorative limited art box which includes two separate vinyl records of the complete recording, a 24page booklet of photos and notes, as well as CD copies of the Ghostlight recording and "Bootleg: Boardmixes from the Road," the promo CD for Ghostlight. It will also be sold as a CD and booklet. David Says:
As a whole and individually, this record and each track transplants listeners into the dimly lit ether of an empty theatre. Like figures dancing around the gleaming light, Betty Buckley's voice on each track catches our attention. We are drawn to the smoky, shadow play she creates, aurally appealing to our hearts, imaginations, and souls. With a life lived on the stage, Betty Buckley sings with all the magic that a true performer can muster and makes GHOSTLIGHT one of the most tender yet provocative celebrations of a modern American legend imaginable. No one song is weaker or stronger than the others it accompanies, making picking standouts incredibly hard. I can honestly say that I doubt I've ever come across an album as perfectly constructed and put together as GHOSTLIGHT. GHOSTLIGHT is an album you should own.

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