Creative Gateways to Spotlight Terry Israelson's Work with Surfing the Spontaneous

Creative Gateways to Spotlight Terry Israelson's Work with Surfing the Spontaneous

For artist Terry Israelson artwork is all about the journey. Raw, organic and natural, his pieces express the flow of inspiration into embodiment of form. It is a reflection of where he is in life. He has been a working artist for over thirty five years. Renowned for the detailed intricacy of his woodwork and fine art furniture, he spent years creating custom pieces for clients. He is now working in glass and his work has evolved bringing in all of the intricacy but taking on a haunting quality that is full of playfulness and depth.

This weekend, Friday September 15th through Sunday the 17th, artists collective Creative Gateways is spotlighting Terry Israelson's work with Surfing the Spontaneous. Join them for an opening reception on Friday evening from 6-8pm.

Being an artist runs like blood through his veins. His grandfather was a talented wood worker who built pews for churches in Norway and would hike through the countryside sketching plein air. His dad was a technical illustrator and had him drawing at a young age. Israelson thought he would be an illustrator and follow in his dad's footsteps but in college he discovered a love affair with wood working that he would hone over time.

Fast forward a few years and he found himself hiking six hundred miles across Utah with an old friend. It was here he began drawing again. He would journal as they walked, sketching plein air just as his grandfather had in Norway. As he puts it, the tease was that after they got done with the walk, his friend's mom was building a house that they could help with in Sedona. It was 1982 and down the road that house eventually led to a partnership with Sedona's acclaimed Design Group. It was here that he was able to really push the envelope with his wood working. His work became freer and cutting edge, unconstrained by any rules.

In 2004, he began to paint again but soon found that studio work didn't entice him as much as plein air where the light was constantly changing. It was more spontaneous. The lightbulb went on. It became clear that his work, like his life, thrives on change. It is the journey that truly captures his imagination and fuels his artwork.

Now working in glass, his artwork continues to reflect his unique view of the world. He is often stimulated by small details around him that he then translates visually, connecting his initial inspiration in an unexpecTEd Manner to a larger abstract piece. His pieces have a wild organic feel with mysterious names, removing the possibility of a preconceived notion of meaning that is a derivative of the title. From his perspective, this way his collectors can allow their imagination to flow into the piece unfettered. His work continues to evolve as he traverses life. You might say that he is working plein air in glass, capturing the experience as it happens. From stunning bowls and wall pieces to light sconces and custom architectural elements, there is an intriguing sense of spontaneity in his work.

Meet Terry Israelson and view his work at the opening reception for Surfing the Spontaneous on Friday September 15th from 6-8pm.

Creative Gateways is an artist's collective and public gallery space in Sedona, Arizona. Its working studios are open to all and visitors are welcome to drop in at any time to meet the artists and engage with the creative process. The gallery space showcases the innovative and lively work that results from this very special environment, for visitors to discover, explore, and take home with them. Creative Gateways is located at 45 Birch Blvd in Sedona. For more information about Creative Gateways, visit or call 928-862-4440.

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