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WHODUNNIT [UNREHEARSED], THE FORSYTE SAGA, and More Come to the Park Theatre in 2024
by Stephi Wild - Oct 30, 2023

Park Theatre has announced a plethora of new shows for 2024, including the third installment of their hugely popular Whodunnit [Unrehearsed] series and a two-part adaptation of The Forsyte Saga. 

FANGIRLS, MINORITY REPORT, and More Set For Lyric Hammersmith's Spring/Summer 2024 Season
by Stephi Wild - Sep 25, 2023

The Lyric Hammersmith Theatre has announced its Spring/Summer 2024 Season, opening April 2024 with Minority Report. Learn more about the full season and how to get tickets here!

MINORITY REPORT Will Embark on World Premiere UK Tour Next Spring
by Stephi Wild - Sep 25, 2023

The World Premiere stage adaptation of Minority Report will be presented next spring on UK tour. Find out how to catch the show in a city near you here!

THE NAG'S HEAD Comes to Park90 in October
by Stephi Wild - Sep 12, 2023

The Nag's Head comes to Park90 in October. Learn more about the production and how to get tickets here!

SORRY WE DIDN'T DIE AT SEA Comes to the Park Theatre in September
by Stephi Wild - Jul 24, 2023

A first translation of Italian playwright Emanuele Aldrovandi’s satirical, absurdist play darkly refracts Europe’s migration crisis. In a not-too-distant future, the continent's economies have collapsed, and three travellers find that the tables have turned as they are forced to flee the very countries which had once closed their borders to migrants.

CANDY Comes to the Park Theatre in August
by Stephi Wild - Jul 20, 2023

Opening up conversations about crisis of identity and exploring sexuality in a world consumed by toxic masculinity, Tim Fraser’s debut play sees a single Northern man fall in love with a beautiful singer… who just so happens to be his best friend in drag. 

THE TIME MACHINE, KIM'S CONVENIENCE and More Set For Park Theatre's Autumn/Winter Season
by Stephi Wild - Jul 11, 2023

Park Theatre have announced the new shows in their 2023 Autumn/Winter season which will explore a range of themes from cultural heritage to toxic masculinity as well as a variety of uplifting and comic work.

BONES Comes to the Park Theatre Next Month
by Stephi Wild - Jun 13, 2023

Bones brings together the worlds of rugby and theatre to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health, toxic masculinity and gender stereotypes. Through the story of a rugby player on the brink of a professional career, but struggling in a way he can’t seem to fix, the show examines the toll pressure can take on mental health and questions why it isn’t treated with the same concern as a physical injury, when the effects can be just as serious.

Whole Hog Theatre In Association With Park Theatre Presents THE GARDEN OF WORDS World Premiere
by A.A. Cristi - May 31, 2023

The Garden of Words is an adaptation of the stereotype-defying Anime and novel by world-renowned Japanese filmmaker, Makoto Shinkai. The stage adaptation will have its world premiere at Park Theatre 10 August – 9 September, and the show's November run in Tokyo.

PAPER CUT Comes To The Park Theatre in June
by Stephi Wild - May 16, 2023

A queer love story that looks at how a man's identity is affected by injury, and by fighting for a country that doesn't fully accept you, Paper Cut is a tender and funny new play by American writer Andrew Rosendorf.

BONES, THE INTERVIEW, and More Set For Park Theatre's Summer/Autumn Season
by Stephi Wild - Apr 25, 2023

As it starts its 10th anniversary celebrations, Park Theatre has announced its Summer / Autumn season. The season that takes audiences from mental health in sport to life choices that are app controlled, from a dystopian Europe to an Icelandic avalanche in a comedy by Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Planer, and from theatre based on Anime to an exploration of that Princess Diana interview.

LEAVING VIETNAM Comes to the Park Theatre
by Stephi Wild - Feb 23, 2023

In Richard Vergette's one-man play, war veteran Jimmy Vandenberg feels ignored and alienated by the country he has faithfully served, and finds a home for his simmering resentment in Trump's slogan 'Make America Great Again'. In the wake of Trump and Brexit, Leaving Vietnam explores how the disillusioned and overlooked are attracted to the politics of populism.

Review: PRESSURE at Royal Alexandra Theatre
by Samantha Wu - Feb 1, 2023

What did our critic think of PRESSURE at Royal Alexandra Theatre? Mirvish Productions presents Pressure playing at the Royal Alexandra Theatre until March 5 2023. Fitting to the name, this performance is a pressurized exploration into the days leading up to D-Day in June, 1944. General Dwight Eisenhower (exquisitely played by Malcolm Sinclair) led the Allied Forces on a carefully calculated attack on Nazi-occupied France. With 350 000 lives at stake, the one unpredictable wild card was the often unforgiving weather. The man tasked with delivering the most crucial weather forecast in history fell on Scottish meteorologist James Stagg (Kevin Doyle).

Photos & Video: First Look at Kevin Doyle & More in the North American Premiere of PRESSURE
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Jan 27, 2023

Get a first look at photos and video of The North American premiere of Pressure at the Royal Alexandra Theatre!

New Spring 2023 Productions Announced at the Park Theatre; THE SHAPE OF THINGS, LEAVING VIETNAM, and More!
by Stephi Wild - Jan 24, 2023

Park Theatre have announced new shows in their Spring 2023 season, ranging from new productions about cancel culture and PTSD to revivals of classic plays by experimental writers Philip Ridley and Neil LaBute.

Mirvish to Present First Full Year Of Theatre Since 2019 Featuring PRESSURE, HAMILTON & More
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Jan 17, 2023

It’s already the third week of January and the Mirvish theatres are getting ready for what is set to be be the first full year of theatre since 2019.

Cast Announced For WINNER'S CURSE at the Park Theatre
by Stephi Wild - Jan 10, 2023

TV and radio personality Clive Anderson stars in an interactive theatrical look at the difficult world of international relations, written by former ambassador and Middle East peace negotiator Daniel Taub with Dan Patterson, writer/producer on Mock The Week and The Duck House.

THE BEACH HOUSE Will Have its World Premiere at the Park Theatre
by Stephi Wild - Dec 15, 2022

The Beach House will premiere at Park Theatre having been shortlisted for Liverpool Hope Playwriting Prize. The cast comprises Gemma Barnett (Offie winner Best Actress for A Hundred Words for Snow) Kathryn Bond (Breach Theatre's It's True, It's True, It's True) and Gemma Lawrence (A Dead Body in Taos).

THE ELEPHANT SONG Makes its UK Premiere at the Park Theatre in 2023
by Stephi Wild - Nov 25, 2022

Fraught with mind-games and verbal tugs-of-war, the UK premiere of this Canadian play sets a hospital director against a patient to find a missing psychiatrist. Against the advice of his colleagues, Dr Greenberg is determined to question Michael and ends up in a turbulent power struggle, trying to find the truth in Michael's stories of elephants and opera, his distant mother, his forced stay, and his sexuality.

Clive Anderson Performs and Mark Gatiss Directs in Park Theatre's Spring 2023 Season
by Stephi Wild - Nov 1, 2022

Incredible personal experiences have inspired world premiere productions taking centre stage at Park200 in Spring 2023. Learn more about the full season here!

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