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Who Played Peggy Sawyer in 42nd Street

Cathy Wydner Broadway1980
Clare Leach Broadway1980
Gail Benedict Broadway1980
Karen Prunczik Broadway1980
Karen Ziemba Broadway1980
Mary Cadorette Broadway1980
Nancy Sinclair Broadway1980
Wanda Richert Broadway1980
Barbara King West End1984
Catherine Zeta-Jones West End1984
Clare Leach West End1984
Karen Clegg West End1984
Erin Stoddard Broadway2001
Joni Michelle Broadway2001
Kate Levering Broadway2001
Meredith Patterson Broadway2001
Nadine Isenegger Broadway2001
Vanessa Sonon Broadway2001
Catherine Wreford US Tour2002
Alessa Neeck Pittsburgh, PA (Regional)2006
Caitlin Ehlinger US Tour2015
Clare Halse West End2017
Isabelle McCalla Chicago2020