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BWW Blog: Anything Goes

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This mover has never tapped a day in her life!

BWW Blog: Anything Goes

As many of you know with the start of a new school semester comes a new lineup of classes. Anyone out there have one in particular that they're already struggling with? For me, it's certainly my tap class. This mover has never tapped a day in her life! And phew mad respect for those that have this talent and are able to do this, sing, and act simultaneously! So far, I've found this dance style surprisingly easier than others I've studied though because I can hear my mistakes and can count more rhythmically. I definitely have to work extra hard though to breakdown and dissect each combination to the brim. I find that it's more of just saying the combination over and over repeatedly in my head as I work to eventually get my feet to coordinate. Once I do that, then I eventually pick up speed.

Anyway, what's needed when trying to pick up anything new is bravery. Taking this class had me completely terrified. I wasn't sure what skill level everyone would be at, and I feared that they would judge me from the moment I was trying to work on a simple time step. However, from the moment I walked in and overheard conversations I knew I was meant to be there. It's a mixed class of all ages so as a senior I was mixed in with some freshmen, but everyone had one common goal learn how to tap. No matter the age or the skill level we all shared and have bonded over our passion and willingness to learn. One great outcome thus far has been that though we are all at mixed levels the teacher and her assistant are sure to give steps for everyone and allow each of us to go at our own speed.

I have had to learn to be kind to myself and realize that not every performer is perfect, and we all have places we are stronger and places we are working on, and that's okay. For all my dancer friends, if you have any tap tips, please do send them my way! My goal like many is to one day is to be a triple threat, and I'm taking all the steps I can to get there. But most times, even triple threats have a weakness. No one performer is perfect. They may be able to sell themselves like they are, but there is always something they are working on too. That's the cool thing as artists. We keep learning and growing. The biggest step is being brave and putting yourself out there. Honing in on and embracing your weaknesses and asking got help. It is okay to ask for help! I had to learn this with dance. It may not be my favorite thing, and I may be embarrassed when my skill set doesn't reach that of my peers. However, it's how you handle that and take to it with bravery and the motivation to get better. I encourage you all to try something new. Put yourself out there. It may be hard at first, but I guarantee that you won't regret it. I may not book 42nd Street tomorrow, but I can do a time step and that's one step forward from where I was last week. Keep on Keepin' On.

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Christina Samanie @crsamanie

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