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BWW Blog: Another Blog More with Christina

BWW Blog: Another Blog More with Christina

Hi there!

Welcome to my very first BroadwayWorld Blog! I am so excited to be joining this team. I am currently a musical theatre major spending two years earning my A.A at Valencia College in Orlando then moving forward to complete my B.F.A. for my last two years in musical theatre at the University of Central Florida. I just recently decided to officially move to the area after completing a year long internship with the Disney College Program (which totally changed my life.) It all started with this one moment of my freshmen year at my university in Louisiana that I remember so fondly. I was a communication major sitting in my car late at night belting endless showtunes at the top of my lungs with a friend while driving around campus. (You know what all freshmen do on a Saturday night..right?) After singing, I looked to her and said, "I've been in Louisiana my entire life. I only stayed here because I felt like I had to. I've got something I'm so passionate about and a big dream. There's so much more waiting for me in the world outside of Louisiana where I've been my whole life. I've got to go and see it all, but I don't know how to." From that very moment on, I knew I had to find a way.

I've had the biggest passion for performing since I was five years old. Each day, something I do is dedicated to helping me become a better performer...whether it be simple shower belts or reading a play. I'm a total nerd for musical theatre with HUGE dreams to be on Broadway someday. I couldn't see myself growing much more as a performer staying in Louisiana, and I couldn't afford any of my dream musical theatre schools, so I felt stumped. I was constantly researching options of how to make something work. Another friend of mine, who was in her junior year, was applying for the Disney College Program. She suggested we do it together. I was a little nervous because this was never something I considered doing as only a freshmen, but I figured I had nothing to lose.

BWW Blog: Another Blog More with ChristinaFlash forward a few weeks and after a few interviews, I got my acceptance email. That's when I realized this was a big chance, an opportunity for me, filled with new people in a brand new place. It was time for me to take the leap. I packed all my bags and moved to the big city of Orlando working for the happiest place on earth for what I thought would only be a semester. I started in the Fall and later extended into Spring and then Summer. Though I loved everything about my job, there was always an empty whole in my heart. I knew I was in the right place, but something was missing. Then I remembered, I got so caught up in all the magic and changes that I hadn't performed in almost a year. As my program was coming to a close, I was dabbling with the idea of staying in Orlando or returning home. I decided to stay, if and only if, I continued my education because that was important to me. Except I knew this time a Communications degree to satisfy others wouldn't cut it. I needed to be a musical theatre major. I drove out to the college campus and auditioned for the program. I anxiously awaited their decision. A few weeks later, I received an acceptance email. That finalized everything for me.

Now, here I am finishing up my first fall semester and feeling more confident in myself than ever. I am honing in on the skills I already have with great determination to better the weaker ones. (Dance)

Basically, what I hope you get from this story is to follow your heart. Only you can determine what is right for yourself and what makes you happy. It's important to go for all of your dreams and work with determination and confidence, but remain humble. Do not settle or let anyone get in the way of achieving what you have deemed for yourself as success. One door closes, and another one opens. Trust that you are where you need to be, and bloom where you are planted.

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