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Spectrum Announces September Schedule of Events


Spectrum Listings for September 2016



New York, NY
Subway: F, M, J & Z trains to Essex/Delancey station

Admission left to artist discretion: usually $15; $10 Students & Seniors


Thursday 1 September

7:30 PM

Experi-MENTAL Festival opening night.

1) 8:15-8:45 Cultural Fit (Dave Knapik and Dave Mandl)

2) 9:00-9:30 Nate Scheible

3) 9:45-10:15 Fat Kneel

4) 10:30-11:00 Victoria Keddie

5) 11:15-11:45 Wild Torus

Visuals: VJ Fuzzy Bastard PM

Friday 2 September

7 PM

Hidejiro Keigo Honjoh (Tokyo), Shamisen; et al. - includes NYC Premiere do Dai Fujikura's NEO for shamisen solo. Other players will include Thomas Piercy

Friday 2 September

8:30 PM

Friday Night Jazz: Canyons with Flin Van Hemmen

Sunday 4 September

3 PM

David Whitwell: Radical Brass

Nolan Tsang w/ Bodybag will be the first show back after the break on Radical Brass in September.

Wednesday 7 September

8 PM

Michael Hersch Festival: Opening Night

Miranda Cuckson, violin

Mariel Roberts, 'cello

Thursday 8 September

8 PM

Michael Hersch Festival: Second Night


Miranda Cuckson, Michael Hersch, Gary Louie, Ah Young Hong, and Michael AtkinsonFriday 9 September

7 PM

Hans Tammen's Dark Circuits Series: Judy Dunaway - Interactive Works For Balloons

At Spectrum's Dark Circuits Series Judy Dunaway will coax an unimaginable universe of sounds from various oversized amplified latex balloons coupled intimately with interactive electronics and video projections designed especially for use with the balloon instruments. She will present "Hommage à Kenneth Noland," a new piece for amplified giant balloon, interactive synthesis and interactive video projections shown directly on the balloon's surface. Other works will include "Interactive Piece for Tenor Balloon," a duet between her "Tenor Balloon" and an Artificial Intelligence synthesis improv partner combined with video projections, and a new work for amplified dirigible-shaped balloon instrument.

Judy Dunaway is an avant-garde composer, free improvisor and conceptual sound artist who is primarily known for her sound works for latex balloons. Since 1990 she has created over forty works for balloons as sound conduits and has also made this her main instrument for improvisation. She has presented this work at many major venues throughout North America and Europe, and has CDs on the CRI and Innova labels, among others.

Judy Dunaway has presented her balloon works at Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Cologne), Avant-Garde Schwaz Festival (Austria), Alternative Museum (NYC), Bang on a Can Festival (NYC), Everson Art Museum (Syracuse), Frau Musica Nova Festival (Cologne), Fylkingen (Stockholm), Galerie Rachel Haferkamp (Cologne), Guelph Jazz Festival (Canada), Le Lieu Unique (Nantes, France), Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors (NYC), Logos (Gent, Belgium), New Museum of Contemporary Art (NYC), Performance Space 122 (NYC), Podewil (Berlin), Roulette (NYC), CEAIT Festival (Los Angeles), Séance Ecoute (Paris), Seltsame Musik Festival (Krems, Austria), SoHo Arts Festival (NYC), STEIM (Amsterdam), Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie (Karlsruhe) and many other venues. She has performed as a balloon player in compositions by John Zorn and Roscoe Mitchell, and in improvisations and/or collaborations with the FLUX Quartet, performance artist Annie Sprinkle, video artist Zev Robinson, visual artists Nancy Davidson and Ken Butler, percussionist John Hollenbeck, the Illuminati big band, DJ Singe, and numerous others. Recordings of her balloon works are available on CRI, Innova, Outer Realm, Alku, Balloon and Needle and many other labels. Her creations for balloons include both electronic and multi-media works and compositions that incorporate more traditional instrumentation such as chorus, piano, saxophone, string quartet and Japanese koto. She has a Ph.D. in music composition from Stony Brook University and an M.A. in experimental music from Wesleyan University where she studied with Alvin Lucier.

"Dunaway is utterly fearless in her approach to her craft, and unflinching in the face of inevitable backlash from both her classical and avant-garde contemporaries..." (Meredith Yayanos, Coilhouse Magazine)

Following Hans Tammen's "Dark Circuits" Festival in June 2014, Spectrum's "Dark Circuits Series" features performers who work in contemporary electronic music practices such as circuit bending, no-input mixers, laptops, turntablism, analogue circuitry, network sniffers, live coding and soldering, plus other instruments we may have never heard of yet.

Friday 9 September

8:30 PM

Friday Night Jazz: Spectral Interzone


Kyoko Kitamura; Voice, piano, FX, compositions

Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic: bass, FX, compositions


Vocalist Kyoko Kitamura and bassist Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic have been composing, performing and recording for a few years now, using their duo format as a lab to explore the creative possibilities of both instruments. Building on their experiences working with

boundary-pushing living masters, Kyoko with Anthony Braxton and Nicolas with Archie Shepp, the duo continues the creative music tradition by experimenting with the line between Western notation, graphic scores, written and unwritten music. VB00 will be presenting a suite of music comprising their latest compositions.

Saturday 10 September

7:30 PM

Mick Rossi: Outliers series

Mick Rossi's 160 BAND??

Rossi (Philip Glass / Paul Simon) celebrates the release of his newest CD "160" on Innova Recordings, featuring Erik Friedlander (John Zorn), Michael Bates (Northern Spy) and Mark Ferber (Wadada Leo Smith).


"Energetic and Bartokian...Shostakovichian paranoia." - New York Times?

"A prodigiously gifted musician and composer." - Sydney Morning Herald?

"Every minute of practice, every hour of concentration, brings us closer to the kind of freedom and mastery to which we all aspire - and which Mick Rossi has achieved" - Keyboard Magazine

Saturday 10 September

9 PM

Virginia Guastella (Italy), piano

SUL TASTO - Virginia Guastella

Sul tasto is a piano solo project that blends elements of avant garde jazz and contemporary concert music.

"Sul tasto" is used in musical notation for string instruments in order to indicate that the performer has to play on the fingerboard, which produces a soft color. The composer wants to put the same music materials in different combinations and contexts of timbre, acknowledging formal structures and traditional approaches to the sound of the instrument.

Every element has different perspectives that the composer presents to the listeners: They can contemplate the diversity of musical ideas.


Sul tasto I

Sul tasto II

Sul tasto III

Binary Forking


In a real landscape

Three minutes Epitaph (four hands piece)


Virginia Guastella is an Italian composer and pianist. Born in 1979 she wrote her first piece, a blues, when she was 9 years old. With academic studies (Composition and Piano Conservatory Diploma, Degree in Aesthetics of Music) she has a multistylistic approach to music and works in different fields: Crossover jazz, soundtracks, contemporary classical.

Her music is performed globally.

Her Spectrum appearance is her first performance in NY. She is on tour in U.S.A. with her original music: Two concerts at the National Gallery of Art of Washington, DC, one in Paducah (Nashville) and two in NYC.

For further info about her career:

Sunday 11 September

3 PM

Poetry Reading, Sunday, September 11, 3 PM

NY Poets Published by the Salmon Poetry Press, Ireland

Patricia Brody, Philip Fried, David McLoghlin,

Bertha Rogers, Neil Shepard, Estha Weiner

The Manhattan Review Reading Series at

The Spectrum, 121 Ludlow St. (2nd floor)

Lower East Side, between Delancey and Rivington,

2 blocks from Essex/Delancey stop: F, M, J, Z

Free Admission

Patricia Brody's first poetry collection, American Desire, was selected by Finishing Line Press for a 2009 New Women's Voices Award. Her second collection is Dangerous to Know (Salmon, 2013). Many of the poems in that book are in the voices of "forgotten women writers." Brody's awards include two Pushcart nominations; English Speaking Union of New York, 1st Prize; Jack Zucker Memorial Prize; and two Academy of American Poets prizes.

Philip Fried has published six books of poetry. His most recent collection, Interrogating Water (Salmon, 2014), was called "outstanding" by The Guardian and praised for "the valor and vision of its protest." A generous selection of his work appears in the anthology Four American Poets (The High Window Press, UK, 2016) Forthcoming from Salmon in 2016 is a new volume of poetry titled Squaring the Circle. Web site:

David McLoghlin is a poet and literary translator from Dublin, Ireland, living in New York City. His books are Waiting for Saint Brendan and Other Poems (Salmon Poetry, 2012) and Sign Tongue, which won the 2014 Goodmorning Menagerie Chapbook-in-Translation prize for his rendering of the Spanish of Chilean poet Enrique Winter. His second full collection, Santiago Sketches, is forthcoming from Salmon in 2017.

Bertha Rogers is a poet, teaching artist, and founding director of Bright Hill Press and Literary Center in Treadwell. Her most recent poetry collection, Heart Turned Back, was published by Salmon, and she is completing a new collection, Wild. Her translation of Beowulf was published in 2000; and her translation and illustration of Anglo-Saxon Riddle-Poems is being showcased at the Dan Welden Gallery in Sag Harbor from September 18 - October 2.

Neil Shepard's sixth and seventh books of poetry were both published in 2015: Hominid Up (Salmon Poetry, Ireland) and a full collection of poems and photographs, Vermont Exit Ramps II, (Green Writers Press, Vermont). His poems appear online at Poetry Daily and Poem-A-Day (from the Academy of American Poets), as well as in hundreds of literary magazines. He taught for many years in the BFA writing program at Johnson State College, Vermont.

Estha Weiner's newest poetry collection is In the Weather of the World (Salmon Poetry, 2013) She is author of The Mistress Manuscript (Book Works, 2009) and Transfiguration Begins At Home (Tiger Bark Press, 2009); and co-editor/contributor to Blues for Bill: A Tribute to William Matthews (University of Akron Press, 2005.) Her poems have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines, including The New Republic and Barrow Street.

Sunday 11 September

7 PM

Michael Hersch Festival: Closing Night

"The Vanishing Pavilions" for piano (2005)
Books 1 & 2 [complete]

Jacob Rhodebeck, piano

Monday 12 September


Special Program: Frauke Aulbert solo voice

Soprano Frauke Aulbert : Solo pieces for voice of the contemporary repertoire.

German voice acrobat Frauke Aulbert shows a best of European contemporary music vocal folds juggling, with pieces by Aperghis, Scelsi, Kaul, Aulbert, Walshe. For a duo by Stefan Hakenberg she will be joined by NY-guitarist Brian DuFord.

Wednesday 14 September

7:30 PM

Nicolas Horvath, piano

Contact: Michael Vincent Waller

Thursday 15 September

7 PM

Opening Night: Robert Morris Festival

Robert Morris Discussion

Thursday 15 September

8 PM

Robert Morris Festival, Presented by Augustus Arnone

Concert I - Electronic Installation Works

Augustus Arnone, piano, and Robert Morris, Electronics

Mysterious Landscape (2012)

Entellechy (2012)

(pre-concert discussion with Morris at 7pm)

September 15-18, 2016, Collide-O-Scope Music will join forces with the JACK Quartet and guest artists AnNa Sunghae Lim, Margaret Kampmeier, and Tara O'Connor to present a 4 concert festival of the music of the distinguished American composer, Robert Morris. The festival will draw together music representing over four decades of the composer's career, demonstrating a tremendous range of stylistic developments and technical innovations. One of the most unique aspects of Morris, as a composer, is the diversity of influence evident in his music. On the one hand, he's a prolific figure in the culmination and expansion of serialist technique in America in the past 50 years, exploring ever increasingly sophisticated forms of organization and complementing the work of his peers Milton Babbitt, Charles Wuorinen, and others. At the same time, he is one of the American composers who has been most deeply influenced by non-Western music, and has engaged in considerable study of Arabic, Indian, Indonesian, and Japanese musics. Working with diverse media forms is another central aspect that sets Morris apart in our contemporary landscape, as he has pursued electronic music and live sound signal processing to highly specialized ends, and has written music that utilizes improvisation as well as interactive meta-composition.The confluence of his wide-ranging interests come together in a singularly unique compositional voice that emobdies the quintessential American erudite, pan-historical, and pan-cultural composer. The programming on this festival showcase the range of his output with concerts devoted to his electronic installation works, works for solo piano, works for mixed ensemble, and finally works for string quartet.

About Collide-O-Scope Music

Collide-O-Scope Music is a new music ensemble with a focus on diverse and innovative media forms. Now in its Eighth Season, Collide-O-Scope Music has offered an eclectic mix of newly composed works and essential classics from the modern repertory in the context of immersive concert productions where fixed compositions give way to episodes of interactive improvisatory music in seamless sets of continuous music. A founding objective for the group has been emphasizing the role of emerging technologies, and the impact of the media itself, in the formation of new aesthetic environments. Thus, a focus is given to musical works featuring both physical/practical innovations, including extended instrumental techniques, microtonal composition, electronic sound and signal processing, and non-traditional notation, as well as conceptual extensions, including the application of innovative theoretical/mathematical models, indeterminacy and the use of chance operations, and analogues and models drawn from other fields. Composers represented include John Cage, David Lang, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Milton Babbitt, Pierre Boulez, Iannis Xenakis, Luigi Nono, Terry Riley, Alvin Lucier, Jason Eckardt, Edmund Campion, as well as an ever-growing number of composers who have written for the group including Stephen Gorbos, Yotam Haber, Nathan Davis, Spencer Topel, Jeff Snyder, Chris Arrell,James Romig, Aaron Brooks, Michael Klingbeil, Christopher Bailey, Elizabeth Adams, Lou Bunk, and many more. Collide-O-Scope Music has been presented in New York City at Issue Project Room, Roulette, Symphony Space, the cell, Tenri Cultural Institute, Spectrum, and Greenwich House.

Friday 16 September

7 PM

Second Night: Robert Morris Festival

Robert Morris Discussion

Friday 16 September

8 PM

Robert Morris Festival

Robert Morris Festival, Presented by Augustus Arnone

Concert II - Music For Solo Piano

Augustus Arnone and Margaret Kampmeier, pianos

39 Webern Variations (2010)

Sabi (1998)

Night Vapors (1967)

Wabi (1996)

Lake (2016)

14 Little Piano Pieces (2002)

Foray (2016) ** World Premiere

(pre-concert discussion with Morris at 7pm)

Please see the entry under 8 PM Thursday 15 September for further festival details.

Saturday 17 September

7 PM

Julia Den Boer (Piano) in Contemporary Insights

Contemporary Insights 2016 Concert Series

- presenting -


New Music for Piano


Erin Gee: Mouthpiece XIV (2010)

Michael Finnissy: Folklore I (1994)

Rebecca Saunders: Crimson (2004)

Ashkan Behzadi: Cronistoria Plastico (2014) for piano and electronics


French-American pianist Julia Den Boer is a strong advocate of contemporary music. Based in New York city, she performs internationally as a soloist and chamber musician and has commissioned and premiered numerous works. She is committed to exploring and pushing her instrument's boundaries through close collaboration with composers and has had the opportunity to work with some of the most prominent composers of our time such as Heinz Holliger, Philippe Leroux, Martin Matalon and Kaija Saariaho.

Julia is a recipient of the Solti Foundation award, was awarded the Prix Mention Speciale Maurice Ohana at the 2012 International Orleans Competition, and won the ninth annual Mikhashoff Trust Fund for New Music Pianist/Composer Commissioning Project with composer Zosha Di Castri.

Recent and upcoming performances include solo and ensemble performances at Unerhörte Musik in Berlin, the CMC in Toronto, the Banff Center, Miller Theater (NYC), the North Carolina New Music Initiative, the SWR in Freiburg, New Music Concerts in Toronto, the MATA Festival, the International Computer Music Conference, the Klangspuren Festival in Austria, Poets Out Loud at Lincoln Center, and Manifeste at IRCAM. Her performances have been broadcasted on Q2, CBC Radio 2, the SWR and France Musique.

In addition to her performing activities Julia is a dedicated educator. She is on faculty at Third Street Music Settlement and the Bloomingdale School of Music and maintains an extensive private studio in NYC.

Julia is a native of Lyon, France. She holds a Bachelor of Music from McGill University where she studied with Sara Laimon and holds a Master and Doctorate of Musical Arts from SUNY Stony Brook University where she studied with Gilbert Kalish.


September 17th @7pm

$20/15 (students/seniors) at the door


121 Ludlow #2, NYC

Saturday 17 September

8:30 PM

Robert Morris Festival, Presented by Augustus Arnone

Concert III - Music For Mixed Ensemble

Collide-O-Scope Music

Traces (1990)

Raudra (1976)

Along A Rocky Path (1993)

Out and Out (1989)

Drawn Onward (2014)

Yugen (1998)

Please see the entry under 8 PM Thursday 15 September for further festival details.

Sunday 18 September

2 PM

Robert Morris Festival: Conversation

Sunday 18 September

3 PM

Robert Morris Festival, Presented by Augustus Arnone

Concert IV - Music For String Quartet

JACK Quartet

Robert Morris, Arc (1988)

Robert Morris, Allegro Appassionata (2009)

Robert Morris, Quattro per Quattro (2011)

Please see the entry under 8 PM Thursday 15 September for further festival details.

Sunday 18 September

7 PM

Guy Barash / Eavesdropping & HIP Lit present:


Guitarist and composer James Moore is joined by new-music stars Kathleen Supové, Jennifer Choi, James Ilgenfritz, and Meaghan Burke for a smorgasbord of musical offerings. The set will feature selections from Moore's newest compositions, which are inspired by poetry and line drawings: Desolation Pops (Jack Kerouac) for piano and strings and Hexentexte (Unica Zürn) for solo bass.

A poetry reading curated by H.I.P Lit hosts, Erin Harris, Britt Canty, and Kim Perel, will compliment the concert. H.I.P. Lit is an event series and creative community based at Be Electric Studios in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. It spotlights authors on the cutting-edge of the writing scene and forms an immersive experience that brings stories to life and creative people together.

Friday 23 September

7 PM

Special Event - Agah Bahari (Toronto): "What the Hell is Going on in America? - Photos and thoughts from 2016 Democratic National Convention

Saturday 24 September

7 PM

José Menor - Solo Piano "Marathon-Recital"

A Recital of Premieres: The Complete Works by Hèctor Parra

From the artist:

This marathon-recital program is made entirely of premieres, presenting for the first time in the USA the complete solo piano works by Catalan composer based in Paris, Hèctor Parra. Based at the IRCAM, Parra is one of the most important composers in the European avant-garde scene, who I particularly admire and enjoy working with him for years. His music originated within the "new complexity" movement and has developed into a very personal style in the last cycle, "Cinq études d'art", a cycle finished this summer, in which each piece is inspired by a visual artist. As the exception of the program, only one of Parra's piano works, "Cos de Matèria", was premiered by myself in the USA, at Spectrum, in 2013. This is now the opening movement of "Cinq études d'art", premiered as such in Girona, Spain, on July 2016.

The program is completed with more premieres. I am comissioning UK composer, Sam Hayden, whose music is also related to the "new complexity" trend, to write a 5 to 7 pieces cycle, called "Becomings". An exciting project conceived as a "premiere in progress" that will start at Spectrum, with the world premiere of its first piece, and will continue in Madrid and London. Finally, as an interlude, I am very happy to present two pieces by myself, a set of miniatures called "Fragments for Clare" (in which the audience can decide the order of the fragments) and the work "New Crossroads", composed especially for the occasion.


Sam Hayden (1968 - ): "Becomings (Das Werden)" (2016). First part. *World premiere

Hèctor Parra (1976 - ):

"Cinq études d'art" (2012-2016): "Cos de Matèria" (2012), "Carícies cap al Blanc" (2013), "Haus Ur / Office Baroque" (2014), "Cell (Arch of Hysteria)" (2016), "Una pregunta (a Jaume Plensa)" (2015).


José Menor (1977 - ):

"Fragments for Clare" (2016).

"New Crossroads" (2016).

*World premieres.

Hèctor Parra (1976 - ):

"Tres Peces per a Piano" (1999)

"Impromptu pour Equinox" (2010)

"Impromptu" (2005)

"Quatre Miniatures" (2007)

"La Dona d'Aigua" (2009)


Hèctor Parra (1976 - ): "Sonata" (2010)

José Menor is an artist who defies labels. He is as much at home as "the great ambassador of Spanish music" (Melómano), or as a "revolutionary of his instrument" (Hèctor Parra), exploring the most innovative music of the avant-garde, including his own works. One of the most outstanding Spanish pianists of his generation, José has quickly established himself as a sought-after artist in the field of new music. His recording of the complete solo piano works of Joan Guinjoan was awarded four stars by the prestigious Fono Forum Magazine.

José Has performed very recently at Carnegie Hall commemorating Granados' 100th Anniversary, as part of a tour that has taken him to the "Meet in Beijing" Arts Festival and to the "Martha Argerich" Festival in Lugano. For more information, please visit

Sunday 25 September

3 PM

Reinterpretations with Ramin Arjomand

Sunday 25 September

7 PM

Title Pending - Co-Hosted by Stuart Breczinski and Laura Weiner

Title Pending opens this fall season with two brand-new (and two other "like new") works for winds in a fun showcase of extra-musical inspirations.

On the program is Brad Balliett's new woodwind quintet inspired by "Henry IV, Part II", Laura Weiner 's songs inspired by biologist Rachel Carson, Eric Nathan's 2014 trio for oboe, horn, and piano inspired by ancient Roman architecture, and Isang Yun's woodwind quintet inspired by...awkward but soulful dancing. It should be a dense fun concert with a diverse assortment of voices.

Exactly what a Sunday evening needs.

Monday 26 September

7:30 PM

Gabriel Zucker's Weighting, with Tyshawn Sorey, Adam O'Farrill, & Eric Trudel

Award-winning composer and pianist Gabriel Zucker presents the second-ever performance of Weighting, written for an all-star band featuring Tyshawn Sorey (drums), Adam O'Farrill (trumpet), and Eric Trudel (tenor saxophone). Written in 2014-2015 and premiered at Spectrum last summer, Weighting is inspired by a series of passages from Rachel Kushner's The Flamethowers and ranges the musical gamut from guided free improvisation to complex metric figuration and Messiaen-inspired harmony. The band will record the work for Zucker's third studio album in October. Samples from the premiere can be heard online here.

Gabriel Zucker is a pianist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from New York. Classically trained in piano and composition, Zucker combines maximalist compositions with the progressive improvisation of New York's creative music scene. His music has received two ASCAP composition awards, and he has performed throughout New York at such venues as Carnegie Hall, Le Poisson Rouge, and the Jazz Gallery, as well as across the Northeast, Canada, and Europe. Recent/current collaborators include Tyshawn Sorey, Tony Malaby, Perry Robinson, Adam O'Farrill, Dre Hocevar, Eric Trudel, Billy Mintz, and the Sirius Quartet.

Monday 26 September

9 PM

Meet the Bostons celebrate Kimi Pau's 35th Birthday

Meet the Bostons is an electronic dance rock band in Brooklyn, NY consisting of Robert Boston, Kimberly Pau and Aaron Robinson who incorporate seraphic story-telling vocals with synthpop textures, dance beats, bass and guitar. Influences include Kraftwerk, Linda Perry, Queen, Sonic Youth, Townes Van Zandt and The Velvet Underground.

Wednesday 28 September

7 PM

Violin, Viola & Video Virtuosity Part II

Presented by Karen Bentley Pollick

International new music violinist Karen Bentley Pollick returns to Spectrum with a diverse program fusing music and videos from Sweden, Lithuania, France, Lebanon, Israel and Alabama. The imaginative interaction of imagery and music will be wide ranging. The social consciousness of Ole Saxe's 'Užupis Constitution Song' lies in contrast to Brian Moon's lamentation 'Duetto con Bobik', featuring the vocals of Karen's beloved, yet deceased beagle merged with camerawork by her current hound dog on the cobblestones of Vilnius. Ethereal Baltic harmonies haunt Žibuokl? Martinaityt?'s 'Serenity Diptychs', as well as Loreta Narvilait?'s effervescent 'The Wave Follows the Bird's Flight' and Gediminas Gelgotas' wintry tribute to Anykš?iai in 'To the Skies'. Dominique de Williencourt's soulfully evocative 'Mont Ararat' simulates a duo of duduks on scordatura viola. Randall Woolf's thought provoking music is featured in the film 'Beirut is a House of Many Rooms'. Israeli spectral composer Ayal Adler contributes 'Contrasts in Time', an intense interaction of colors - both in sight and sound.

Friday 30 September

7 PM

Rebow Ensemble

Alyssa Greengrass, et al.

Friday 30 September

9 PM

Felix Del Tredici, Bass Trombone music with animation

Described by The New York Times as an "extraordinarily versatile trombonist" who gives performances that are "disturbing yet fascinating", trombonist Felix Del Tredici is active in a variety of settings that include transdisciplinary collaborations, improvisation, and music research. He is a member of Ensemble Échappé, the New York Trombone Consort, the Eco-Music Big Band, and has performed with Ensemble Transmission, Ensemble Signal, MusikFabrik, and Klangforum Wien. He has performed new music and presented music research at festivals in Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States. Felix is a research assistant at Concordia University's matralab, and is a frequent collaborator with the Topological Media Lab. He lives in New York City.

This program will explore repertoire from Luciano Berio, Béla Bartok, Iannis Xenakis, Alvin Lucier, and Giacinto Scelsi. Some of the pieces will be paired with videos new and old made for each piece. The program will also feature Weston Olencki on trombone.

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