THE GAMES AFOOT, or HOLMES FOR THE HOLIDAYS - Maplewood Strollers Non Equity Auditions

Posted: July 30, 2018
Audition Location: Maplewood, NJ

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Age ranges flexible. All roles open!
William Gillette (male, 35 – 55): A handsome, charming, and witty actor/playwright who has achieved fame and wealth playing Sherlock Holmes on stage.
Martha Gillette (female, 70+): Gillette’s mother. Ditzy, but can fight back when provoked.
Felix Geisel (male, 40 – 50): A charming, middle-aged character actor, histrionic and arch. An old friend of Gillette’s, but a bit jealous of his success. Married to Madge.
Madge Geisel (female, 40 – 50): A flamboyant, middle-aged character actress with a smart-mouthed-gal-about-town demeanor. Married to Felix.
Simon Bright (male, 20-35): A young actor, sweet, enthusiastic, good-natured on the surface, but with a hidden dark side. Aggie’s boyfriend.
Aggie Wheeler (female, 20-30): A young actress, beautiful, bright-eyed, good-natured on the surface, but with a hidden dark side. Simon’s girlfriend.
Inspector Goring (female, 40 – 60): An eccentric British detective, wry and clever, but living in a world all her own.
Daria Chase (female, 30 - 50): A theater critic who is glamorous, seductive, and likeable despite her acid tongue.


The Strollers

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The Strollers of Maplewood was established in 1932 "to provide an opportunity for artistic and dramatic education and enjoyment for its members and the community."


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