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THE SHADOWBOX - Lake Worth Playhouse Non Equity Auditions

Posted: June 10, 2021
Audition Location: Lake Worth, FL

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Director: David Simson

Stage Manager: Phyllis Cafarelli

Audition Dates: July 11th and 12th, 2021 at 7pm

Performance Dates: September 3rd – 12th, 2021 (9 performances)




Joe, Brian, and Felicity come from different walks of life, different parts of the country, and are in different stages of accepting the things they have in common: they are all dying of cancer, and they are all living out their final days, in company with friends and family, in homey hospice cottages on the green and pleasant grounds of a large California hospital. They are observed, studied, and counseled by an invisible Interviewer as they talk candidly about their emotional and physical struggles, and face interpersonal challenges: Joe’s wife Maggie, in denial about her husband’s impending death, refuses to go inside his cottage; artistic Brian, busy trying to write and paint enough for twelve lifetimes, must mediate between his ex-wife Beverly and his boyfriend Mark; and Felicity, confused and in pain, refuses to die until she gets a visit from her daughter Claire -- a daughter who has been dead for years. Michael Cristofer’s sensitive, emotionally devastating, ground-breaking play exploring the end of life experience won both a Tony Award for Best Play and a Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1977.




Joe (age 40’s-50’s- lead role), Joe is a working man from the Northeast. Strong, but gentle family man, very close to his son, Steve. Joe is relatively inarticulate about his own feelings toward his illness. All of his emotion is focused on his family. He is very worried about his wife’s acceptance of his terminal illness and how they will share this news with their son. Joe has no visible signs of illness or infirmity.


Steve (can act, look 14 to 16 yrs- featured role). Actor should be able to play the guitar, but doesn’t need to play well, just chords and strumming as he is practicing a song during the play. Steve has a mix of emotions, he is excited to be visiting his father, is perplexed by his mother’s erratic behavior and this role involves interacting with his parents during this visit to his father’s cottage.


Maggie (age 40’s-50’s-lead role). Maggie is a complex character, primarily a loving wife and mother, funny and warm, but wraps it up in a no nonsense, bossy demeanor as she comes for a visit to the cottage. But Maggie is very conflicted and has not accepted the terminal nature of her husband’s illness. She would like everything to be back to normal. She also bears the burden of not having told their son about the severity of his father’s illness. Also from the Northeast.


Brian (age 40’s-50’s- lead role) Brian is a cerebral, literate man who is trying to reason his way through acceptance of his terminal illness. He generally keeps his tone light, but erudite, and his emotions in check. He is surprised and moved by a visit from his ex-wife who has always been more emotional, spontaneous, physical. He has to manage the hostility between his partner Mark and his ex-wife, Beverly. Brian has no obvious signs of illness except for tremors until the end of the play when he faints; the character also has a dancing sequence with Beverly


Mark (age 30’s-40’s- lead role) Mark is very good looking. He is Brian’s caretaker and lover. Mark is dealing with his emotions about Brian’s illness by pretending that he doesn’t have any. He has a great deal of conflict with Beverly who tries to make him confront his fears and, as a result, be a better, more loving caretaker to Brian.


Beverly (age 40’s-50- lead role) Beverly is Brian’s ex-wife, she is funny, full of life and fun, profane, sarcastic, prone to dancing and discussing her love life. Her brittle humor masks her love and concern for Brian. She is also someone who goads Mark and her scenes involve conflict with Mark and quick witted humorous interactions with Brian. Beverly is a life force, with an edge. Beverly is responsible for a lot of humor in the play.


Felicity (ages 60’s-70’s- lead/featured role) Felicity is the character most obviously impacted by her illness. She is blind and in a wheelchair. She is an earthy, feisty, take no prisoner old lady who morphs from quick witted, no nonsense acceptance and lucidity to confused rambling due to her pain and illness. She often challenges her daughter and caretaker, Agnes.


Agnes (ages 40’s-50″s- lead role) Agnes is a repressed, restrained woman who is devoted to her mother but often frustrated by her behavior. She has been under a lot of tension as her mother’s illness has been protracted. She is also concealing a secret that is revealed during the play. Agnes is a character who surprises with her passion and representation of the challenges of being a caretaker for a parent.


Interviewer (featured role) Usually played off stage by a male, in this play the interviewer will likely be both off and on stage and acting as a counselor. Can be male or female, age range undetermined, but likely best to be 40’s or older. The Interviewer interacts primarily with the patients, Joe, Brian, and Felicity, but has some scenes with the caretakers as well. Interviewer is generally empathetic but can seem detached and clinical at times as well. Interviewer is present throughout the play and it is a large featured role.




Please prepare a contemporary monologue no more than 2 minutes in length. Actors may also be asked to read from the script.

Auditions will be held in the Stonzek Studio Theater at the Lake Worth Playhouse



For questions, contact Artistic Director Daniel Eilola at


For more information about upcoming auditions, please visit



Lake Worth Playhouse is located at 713 Lake Ave in Downtown Lake Worth. Valet Parking is $5 (when available). Street and lot parking is also available.


Lake Worth Playhouse is a non-profit community theatre with a diverse array of offerings, including award-winning dramas, comedies, musicals, area premieres, Broadway favorites, children's shows, ballets and operas on film, live concerts, improv comedy and alternative programming. In addition to its main stage theatrical fare, the Playhouse presents year-round independent and foreign films in the Stonzek Studio, an intimate black-box style theatre equipped with a large viewing screen and high-definition projection. The Playhouse is proud to offer a variety of educational programs for adults and children, as well as community outreach initiatives that bring cultural programs into the neighborhoods of underserved youth and also make theatre available free of charge for disadvantaged citizens in the community.

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