BWW Interview: Patrick Myers Lead Singer of KILLER QUEEN-National Tour

BWW Interview: Patrick Myers Lead Singer of KILLER QUEEN-National TourKiller Queen were the first tribute to emerge to Queen way back in 1993. The band were young students that had all missed the chance to see Freddie and the band live so set about staging their own concert instead. Within a year they had secured a residency in London's west-end , attracting widespread national press and TV coverage. The band have since become to only tribute to Queen to sell out several of the same arena's Queen played in their heyday. They were also personally selected by Bob Geldof to perform alongside him in Malta in a tribute re-staging of Live Aid Killer Queen recreate the look, sound and most importantly atmosphere of a Queen concert. Lead singer Patrick Myers bears an extraordinary likeness to the late great Freddie. His dynamic showmanship and powerful 3 and ½ octave voice alongside the band's expert musicianship has earned the band a place in worldwide tribute royalty.

BW: What makes Queen such an iconic, yet unique band?

PM:Really diverse and brilliant song-writing that has a very broad appeal but is also really moving and personal. That's a rare blend. Any great band is a bit of an alchemic mix and Queen certainly were that. Freddie was the best frontman and the band each brilliant in their own field and bringing different musical influences to the table. Together they knew how to put on a show that's for sure.

BW: Do people on the street tell you that you look like Freddy Mercury? How do they react when you tell them what you do for a living?

PM: No one guesses what I do for a living and generally I leave it that way if possible. I don't look anything Freddie off-stage so that helps. We share a similar bone structure and stature so with the costume and things it works really well but I can saunter out into the crowd after a show and even if my face has been plastered all over huge LED screens - people never recognize me. I kind of like that.

When I do tell people what I do if I've been cornered at a party they generally look a bit baffled and bemused. I don't blame them. It's not something you're going to guess in 20 questions. It's been such a surreal ride but it's also a little it a little hard describe any of it it in bitesize chunks other than saying it's a lot of fun. So for the most part I keep it brief and ask people about their crazy surreal things instead. Of which they usually have plenty.

BW: What is your favorite number to perform and why?

PM: I love Bohemian Rhapsody. I also love Save Me and Days of Our Lives. There's a lot of heart in Queen songs and their writing is a pleasure to perform. I get emails from people explaining how a song relates to a part of their lives and how much it means to experience that song performed and I completely relate to that. Music feels like magic to me. It's so many things at once and it unites us. And it's good kick ass fun too. What's going to beat that?

BW: Is Adam Lambert a worthy successor as the front man of the band?

PM: Adam is a god given gift! He has so much talent that he doesn't even blink at the vocal lines Freddie left him. You need to be bullet proof to fill the shoe's he is filling and his talent makes sure that he is. He doesn't sound like Freddie and doesn't try to. He sounds like Adam. And he sounds amazing. Queen to be Queen now and keep things nice and stellar have to score points on credibility on all fronts otherwise its a pointless exercise. Having a guy pretend to be or, try and at the very least, to half emulate Freddie would backfire and be horrible. You've got to bring talent in and let that talent bring something of themselves and hopefully it works. You can't please everyone but you can set out your stall knowing as a unit you're delivering the very best. That's what they do with Adam.

Paul Rodgers brought his stunning soul and blues voice to the party and it worked great. Adam has again a very different voice but a range, stylistically speaking, that embraces a broader sweep of the Queen repertoire - including the vaudevillian style- so its a great way to move forward. I'm just thrilled I finally saw Brian And Roger perform as Queen, I was too young to catch Fred and the gang. Hearing their voices chime together live on Stone Cold Crazy was a real moment for me . I loved it.

BW: What are your thoughts and hopes regarding the upcoming Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody?

PM: Well the trailer looks amazing. Rami is a great choice. Very distinctive features that lend an affable but removed, vaguely exotic air. I'm glad they're highlighting Freddie's humour. Aside from his extraordinary talent that's one of the things that makes him so fabulous. He was really quick and really funny when he wanted to be. Gwilym Lee, who plays Brian, has about one line in the trailer and he so nails it. So to say I'm excited is an understatement. That's Christmas sorted for me.

Killer Queen plays at the Appell Center in York PA on July 21. Tickets to that show and the rest of the dates on their North American tour can be found on their website.

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