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Collegiate Theatrics: Lipscomb University's ANNA ELIZABETH MICKSCH

Collegiate Theatrics: Lipscomb University's ANNA ELIZABETH MICKSCHAutumn has officially arrived in Middle Tennessee, bringing with it the chill temperatures that make college campuses seem far more collegial than the heat and humidity that exemplifies summer here. And at Nashville's Lipscomb University, theater students are already hard at work on their second production of the fall semester: an upcoming staging of Harnick and Bock's She Loves Me, running November 3-12, which follows the season-opening - and audience acclaimed - version of The Miracle Worker that ran last month on campus.

Among cast members of The Miracle Worker was Anna Elizabeth Micksch, who today is featured in our Collegiate Theatrics column. Born and raised in the greater Nashville/Franklin area, Anna became interested in theater at a very young age - a love of art she credits to her father, who was designing a set for a play at St. Cecilia Academy. It seems the director needed two younger girls for the cast and so Anna and her older sister were pressed into service: "I was three at the time and don't remember much of that experience," she recalls, "except that I absolutely loved it! From then on, any chance to be on a stage, I took it and hope to keep doing so!"

How has your Lipscomb University theatre experience been thus far? My college experience at Lipscomb so far has been a journey to say the least. There have been times when I got frustrated by the way things are done and not understanding my place. It has been a place for me to be humbled, but also to grow and be complimented.

Has studying at Lipscomb lived up to its advance hype? I had honestly never thought of Lipscomb being an option before Kari Smith and I were in Oliver together at Towne Center Theatre. She convinced to me audition and visit and told me I would grow and learn well there. I have definitely grown in more areas than just in theatre so yes it lived up to the "hype" of what I was told!

What's your favorite part of going to school at Lipscomb? My favorite thing about studying here is the closeness of the department. It is accepting of all types and creates a safe place for people to come and just be themselves. I came expecting to be faced with a bunch of judgmental people who think they're all they best but that's not what I got at all.

Have your plans for the future changed since enrolling in college? As of right now, the future holds me getting married and going to grad school! Originally, I knew I was going to get some form of an MFA, to come back, act professionally, and teach at the collegiate level, specifically Lipscomb, and thought I would stay here for grad school. Now, however, I have found programs outside of the state that would open more doors for me than staying in Tennessee. I still want to teach, but I'm uncertain if I'll be specifically coming back to Tennessee and Lipscomb.

What theatrical moment stands out among your college theater memories? The largest moment I have experienced so far was my first show. I was a freshman and did not expect to be in a show but Nat MacIntyre decided, after a brief audition process, he wanted me to be a "Bob" for his production of Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged. I would never have imagined I would get to be in the first show of my first semester here and it really plunged me into the process and helped me make good connections.

What advice would you offer to a younger student thinking of following in your footsteps and enrolling at Lipscomb? I would suggest they visit places they maybe hadn't considered, just to see the campus and kind of meet the people. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

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