BWW Review: AN ACT OF GOD at GableStage - Orgasmic Cries to God Now a No No

BWW Review: AN ACT OF GOD at GableStage - Orgasmic Cries to God Now a No No

Breaking News: God No Longer Answering Orgasmic Cries For Help

Helping GableStage celebrate the opening of their 19th season, God, in the person of tall, elegant, and charmingly sardonic actor Tom Wahl, appeared on stage over the weekend. He was accompanied by his Archangels Michael and Gabriel who inhabited giant white winged, white satin suited Gregg Weiner and Kevin Reilley.

The purpose of His visit? To put to rest the misconceptions of His role in the firmament.

This out of this world funny show runs for only eighty minutes but in that short time everything you've ever pondered alone in the dark is held for holy examination.

And of course this show, AN ACT OF GOD, is not for everyone. Check your rigid beliefs at the coat room on the way in.

God, in flowing white robes, lounges on His white chaise longue, sipping I'm guessing nectar, from a crystal goblet. Two white tablets show new commandments, five on each, sonorously revealed by Gabriel and Michael. A small selection: II Thou shalt not tell others whom to fornicate; III Thou shalt not kill in My name; IV Thou shalt not seek a personal relationship with Me: VI Thou shalt not take My name in vain; VII Thou shalt not tell Me what to do; IX Thou shalt not believe in Me and X Thou shalt believe in thyself. God riffs on each: ten commandments, a thousand comments. And each hilarious in content and delivery.

AN ACT OF GOD is not all sprawl and talk. There's delight in the ashen Gabriel, whiter than any wash, and the gum chewing, brash Michael, shoving his microphone and demanding if God answers prayers. God's answer? A flaming bolt from heaven, blasting off one of Michael's wings.

Naturally an evening with God ends with a song and Tom Wahl, Gregg Weiner and Kevin Reilley have just the holy tones to handle it.

Playwright David Javerbaum, a writer with a full bio page of his comedic achievements, has presented a brilliant script and director Joseph Adler and his cast have captured every laugh and yes, even the reverential moment or two.

Splendid heavenly set, blue skies and billowing clouds by Lyle Baskin, with the angelic lighting of Jeff Quinn, the celestial sounds and music of Matt Corey and the saintly satin costuming by Ellis Tillman.

AN ACT OF GOD plays through December 18 at GableStage at The Biltmore, 1200 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables. 305-445-1119

Photo L-R: Kevin Reilley, Tom Wahl, Gregg Weiner

Credit: George Schiavone

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