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Perla de la Rosa Receives Juan Ruíz de Alarcón National Playwright Award 2022

The honor was given on Saturday, May 14th at the Cacahuamilpa Caves.

Perla de la Rosa Receives Juan Ruíz de Alarcón National Playwright Award 2022

The Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico and the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (Inbal), through the National Coordination of Literature (CNL), together with the Government of the state of Guerrero and its Ministry of Culture, delivered this Saturday the Juan Ruiz de Alarcón 2022 National Playwright Award to the actress, playwright and activist Perla de la Rosa, in recognition of her uninterrupted cultural work for more than four decades.

The award ceremony took place in the Cacahuamilpa Caves, as part of the activities of the xxV Alarconian Conference -held annually in memory of the writer and playwright Juan Ruiz de Alarcón, with the presence of the Inbal's general director, Lucina Jiménez, the Secretary of Culture of Guerrero, Aída Melina Martínez Rebolledo, and the award-winning Perla de la Rosa.

This distinction, which recognizes the career of playwrights and playwrights, consists of a diploma and 500 thousand Mexican pesos. When attending the Alarconian Days, after two remote versions, the general director of INBAL, Lucina Jiménez, recognized the people of Guerrero, for having successfully navigated through COVID-19, and for being present again to share hope.

In the heart of the Cacahuamilpa Caves, he pointed out that if something characterizes Guerrero, it is the richness of its biodiversity, its cultures and languages, the nobility of its people; therefore, he added, "INBAL welcomes the possibility of adding energy, resources and collaboration for the cultural rights of the people of Guerrero through music, literature, theater, dance and education," and thanked to the government of Guerrero, through its Ministry of Culture, the commitment to maintain this award for career in the field of dramaturgy.

During the event, the signing of the Collaboration Agreement with the state Ministry of Culture was carried out. Accompanied by the Secretary of Culture of Guerrero, Aída Melina Martínez Rebolledo, the head of Inbal shared that the first step of this agreement is a concert that the Acapulco Philharmonic Orchestra will offer next July 19 at the highest cultural venue in Mexico: the Palace of Fine Arts. He also said that the State Contemporary Dance Company will be supported and "we will be able to strengthen collaboration with its artistic initiation schools, among other actions already carried out for training in literary creation and the presentation of the National Theater Company in Acapulco."

It should be noted that the head of State Culture, Aída Melina Martínez Rebolledo, inaugurated the Alarconian Conference, where the Harmony of Light concert was presented, by the Acapulco Philharmonic Orchestra Ensemble, under the direction of maestro Eduardo Álvarez, as well as the video mapping Oniria , by filmmaker Arturo Sánchez del Villar.

At the ceremony, Lucina Jiménez affirmed that it is an honor for the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature to convene the Juan Ruiz de Alarcón National Playwright Prize with the state of Guerrero, one of the most important recognitions that can be received by someone who enhances the scene and dramaturgy in Mexico.

After recounting the history of this award, the contribution of its creators and those who have received this recognition, he pointed out that the jury, made up of Gabriela Ynclán, María Virginia Hernández López and Rodolfo Obregón Rodríguez, decided to award the award to Perla de la Rosa, a great director, actress, playwright, cultural manager, feminist and social activist from the arts, "whom I recognize in the consistency and in the most important battles on the Mexican border, in that endearing territory that is Ciudad Juárez."

Addressing a few words to Perla de la Rosa, who has stood out in Mexican, border and universal theater, she pointed out that she receives this Juan Ruiz de Alarcón Award for her artistic career, for her embrace of theater as the only possibility of transforming life.

For her part, Perla de la Rosa thanked the convening institutions and the members of the jury for the distinction of this award and expressed: "I have written theater in war territory, I have written it blindly, only impelled by a painful and desperate rage, I have written a theater very far from the literary virtue of Elena Garro, Luisa Josefina Hernández and other great writers, but despite feeling that aesthetically and artistically my work is so fragile, I am grateful that it is recognized that it has been a small contribution to my city, from the symbolic power of theater, culture and art.

"I cannot ignore the fact that we are on Guerrero soil, and that is why I demand that each young person murdered in our country be seen and defended as if he were our own son. The daughters and sons of Mexico matter, their lives matter. I lend my voice to demand justice and truth as in the case of Ayotzinapa", said the winner.

The playwright and actress originally from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, graduated from the Dramatic Literature and Theater degree from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (FFyL) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and from the master's degree in Culture and literary research from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez (UACJ).

Feminist, cultural manager and social activist from the arts, Perla de la Rosa is a theater woman from Juarez, as she defines herself, with more than forty years of experience. In 2002, he founded the "Telón de Arena" theater company, with which he works to make visible and reverse the situation of violence and social decomposition in his hometown through theater and culture. She is also founder and director of the International Festival of Theater without Borders and Professor at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez. In 2004 she won the Ariel Award -given by the Mexican Academy of Arts and Sciences- in the category "Best Actress in a Picture".

His playwriting has been translated into English, German, Italian and Greek. His most representative work, Antígona, the voices that set fire to the desert, has been the subject of various theses and productions in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

In 2016, his work was recognized with the Víctor Hugo Rascón Banda Award for Cultural Merit of Chihuahua. In 2020 he received the Medal of Artistic Merit of Ciudad Juárez, from the government of the entity.

Perla de la Rosa Receives Juan Ruíz de Alarcón National Playwright Award 2022

Perla de la Rosa Receives Juan Ruíz de Alarcón National Playwright Award 2022

Perla de la Rosa Receives Juan Ruíz de Alarcón National Playwright Award 2022

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