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BWW Reviews: Peter Story Explains It All: MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS - LIVE!

We're talking about sex."

And we have been, for approximately twenty two years. In terms of a best-selling book, that is, that made John

Gray a love guru for anyone willing to listen. Gray's wit and wisdom has since sold millions of copies, made its way around the world, and was transformed into a one man show that has been putting audiences in stitches for years. The last mode, the theatrical, is one that makes Gray's work as accessible as can be. Now men and women alike can understand what it means to be a Martian or to be a Venusian.

The book was adapted to the stage by Eric Coble and the modern world should be thankful for it. With shrinking attention spans, it would be quite an adventure to convince a room full of strangers to study a relationship book. Thanks to Coble, however, those same strangers can just plop down for two hours of laugh out loud comedy that still leaves audience members with some gems to ponder. Through the laughter appears a great deal of raw truth. As silly as the script may seem, the show is trying to help other people to navigate through "our own private, domestic Cold War."

Navigator extraordinaire Peter Story came upon the city of Madison on August 17th to deliver the much needed advice to a crowd of highly responsive listeners. Through tales of his own personal battles of the sexes to anecdotes about friends, Story was prepared to fight the good fight for the sake of everyone else. His wacky antics kept a theatre full of Wisconsinites on their toes. It's surprising that the chandeliers managed to hang on as explosive laughter filled the air. Likely a jokester at heart, Story had a few moments when even he could not refrain from giggling anymore. What terrific happenstance that the men of the one man show was given the name 'Story', because this Venusian has never encountered a greater showman.

While this show only had one scheduled performance in Wisconsin's capital city, certainly anyone who was able to make the trek out to The Overture Center would argue that a performance so fundamental to the livelihoods of marriages (and relationships) should be given more opportunities to teach others. Not every moment left its students with lifelong lessons, but at least those who can take away the most pivotal moments can live in peace with one another. Perhaps someday the Martians and Venusians can simply be human, just as long as Peter can continue to artfully tell his Story.

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