BWW Reviews: BroadHollow's LEGALLY BLONDE at BayWay - 'Positive' You'll Love This Show


BroadHollow Theatre Company brings the most fashionable law student to Long Island with their showing of the Tony nominated musical, Legally Blonde. Now playing through August 5th at their East Islip location, director Jessy Waller wonderfully replicated the Broadway production that closed in 2008.

Leading a sensational company was Alyson Gannon as the fabulous Elle Woods. Elle applies to Harvard Law School to get back her long time boyfriend Warner, portrayed by Dan Moldovan. Alyson has had a few leading roles in the past, so she handled the demanding role of Elle very well. With a strong and beautiful voice, the only drawback is that she looked more like she was in high school rather than a college student.

An audience favorite was Brenda Festo-Beck as Paulette, a beautician Elle befriended when she moved to the area to attend college. You could tell she had a great time with the role as she put a more comedic spin on the character. I would venture that Brenda received more laughs than the fantastic Jennifer Coolidge or Orfeh who both played Paulette in the movie and Broadway incarnations.

BWW Reviews: BroadHollow's LEGALLY BLONDE at BayWay - 'Positive' You'll Love This Show

Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin put together a very catchy score. You'll be humming the music for quite some time after you've seen this show. The energetic "Omigod You Guys" kicks the show off where we find UCLA’s Delta Nu sorority helping Elle prepare for a special dinner with Warner. Another highlight included the "Bend and Snap" performance where Elle and her sorority sisters help Paulette perfect a sexy move that will get her noticed by Kyle, the hot UPS man portrayed by Steve Incarnato. Toward the end of Act 1, Elle and Emmett Forrest (Kyle Timson) performed "Chip on My Shoulder” where he helps Elle assess her priorities and earn respect from her classmates. It was a fantastic number because their voices blended well together and it solidified their friendship as they were at odds with each other at first.

Designed by Sal Perrotta, the interesting set was multi-level and different sections of the rise were used for the college classroom, Elle's dorm, and even the courtroom. There seemed to be no separation amongst each "room" so perhaps an inexperienced theatre attendee would get confused or not "get" the scene altogether.

Additionally, the costumes were well done. From Elle's dresses and little pink leather jacket to Serena's (Melanie Tietjen) cheer-leading uniform and sunglasses, designer Chakira Doherty was spot on with the majority of the wardrobe.

Legally Blonde is definitely one for a girl's night out. Now playing through August 5th at the BayWay in East Islip, Long Island, a wonderful cast and a fun score make this a memorable theatre experience.


Legally Blonde is presented by the BroadHollow Theatre Company at the BayWay Theatre in EastIslip, Long Island through August 5th. This production will continue to their Elmont location from August 11th – 26th. Directed and Choreographed by Jessy Waller, Set Design by Sal Perrotta, Lighting Design, Meghan Santelli, Sound Design by Gary Haglich, Costume Design by Chakira Doherty, Musical Direction by Tyler A. Boyle.

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