BWW Review: GIRLS ONLY-THE SECRET COMEDY OF WOMEN at Starlight Indoor Series

BWW Review: GIRLS ONLY-THE SECRET COMEDY OF WOMEN at Starlight Indoor Series

As a woman, I know that we go through a lot of struggles, and I'm not even talking politically. There's the fact that you can be a C cup at one store but a B cup at another, there is a ton of pressure from the media to be thin, and don't even get me started on panty hose. But that's where the women of "Girls Only-The Secret Comedy of Women" come in.

Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein wrote and star in this laugh out loud comedy about the experiences women go through. Gehring and Klein have been friends for many years, and decided to write the show after boldly sharing their diaries from childhood to each other.

The two are clearly very comfortable with their bodies as they welcomed everyone into the Jeannette & Jerome Cohen Community Stage House in their bra and underwear. The set, designed by Lisa M. Orzolek, is a girl's bedroom straight out of the 70s with a Sean Cassidy poster and a lava lamp.

The two start out by sharing stories with the audience from their diaries about childhood crushes, family trips, and bad hair days. As the show progresses, though, their stories get older and turn to our changing bodies. The best bit was when the two dressed up as grandmas and put on a show about crafting with pads and tampons. The ladies next to me were crying they were laughing so hard.

The most relatable bit was the full-blown ballet routine in order to put on panty hose. As a former competitive dancer, I have fought with many a pair of hose, ruining brand new pairs with a ragged fingernail and wiggling trying to pull them up.

When you go (and you should, seriously, drop everything and go) be prepared for audience participation. There's singing, a purse bit, questions, and a "woman shower," but it is all a part of coming together and sharing the experience of being a woman. Don't worry men, you can go too, just be prepared to be picked on a little. There were two or three men in the audience when I went, and a few playful jokes were made at their expenses.

"Girls Only" will be at Jeannette & Jerome Cohen Community Stage House through the 23rd. Tickets can be purchased at

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