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Szöktetés a szerájból at Hungarian State Opera


5/9/2013 - 5/19/2013


Hungarian State Opera

1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1.
Budapest,Central Hungary
Phone: (1) 555-3300

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(I) in Act I

A young Spanish nobleman Belmonte bride, Konstanzát, in English, as well as his komornáját Pedrillót was kidnapped by pirates and Selim basának. The basa, who was Turkish, but also brought a Spanish renegade, his captives, rural and fell in love with Konstanzába. Belmonte has somehow learned how to preserve imádottját and kisér?it, he now came to him to release it. The angry as Osmin prefers elkergetné, but Belmonténak still manages to meet him Pedrillóval and tend?ket are the most important things to discuss. The Lord is also very young, but the lover Konstanza, although respect for the man and his own generous open, admitting that he never will be anything other than love lost her fiancé. Belmonte to Pedrillo as Osmin, in spite of all the efforts into the Palace.

(II) in Act I

Blonde, cheerful little lady's maid or party bit angry rabtartójától. The basa is donated to the Ozminnak-leányzót snare drum, but in reality he bid for her, as was virginally conceived. Emlkezik the heart of sore Konstanza happy times when fate has not yet been interrupted by Belmontét?l. You arrive at the basa. Warning the unfortunate girl: patience came to an end, if you're not inclined to Nice, the torture will not refrain. However, Konstanza solid and determined. "Stand although the bonfire", he's not tántorodik intention. Then shall the great newspaper Blondéval Pedrillo. The Lady's maid would run Konstanzához the happy hirrel, but first find great haste plot how to get suspicious and always alert Ozmint félreállítani out of the way. It is soon as Osmin in and immediately appeared comfortable Pedrillo is more harsányabb for him. Pedrillo is not delayed the explanation: a small fine óbortól I szebbnek seem to even the toughest of bondage. Will not be able to for a long time as Osmin to resist. Getting kiadósabban in the wine, and then completely soaked. Late in the evening, and the two couple happily preparing to escape.

(III) in Act 1. image

The escape fails. As Osmin in one fell swoop, kijózanodik, and fellármázza in the service, which will soon bring back the tribesmen.

2. image

Before carrying the Compiègne, baban quoted Belmonte learns that death was the son of his enemy, megrontójának. The young suspect, that it does not expect to meet quietly, yet from the death. Neither party has nothing, since the grave forever with them. However, the basa defeats bosszúvágyát Konstanzáról road, and resigns: freely available toyou.

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