PUNK ROCK - MCC Theater Auditions

Posted: April 19, 2014

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PUNK ROCK – Equity Principal Auditions
MCC Theater|New York, NY

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Equity Principal Auditions
Tuesday April 29, 2014
10 AM – 6 PM
Lunch from 1:30 – 2:30
$558/week minimum
Telsey + Company
315 West 43rd Street, 10th floor
New York, NY

Equity actors

NOTE: All the characters except for Dr. Harvey and Lucy Francis are 17 years old and in private school in England. Seeking actors who can believably play 17 for those roles.
Actors will read from sides, which will be provided at the auditions.
Bring picture and resume, stapled together.
Other Dates
1st Rehearsal: 9/30/14 Runs: 10/29 to 12/7/14. (possible extension to 12/21 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre)
Co-Artistic Directors: Robert LuPone, Bernard Telsey, William Cantler
Executive Director: Blake West
Literary Manager/Resident Dramaturg: Stephen Willems
By: Simon Stephens
Director: Trip Cullman
· EPA Rules are in effect.
· A monitor will be provided.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

NOTE: All the characters except for Dr. Harvey and Lucy Francis are 17 years old and in private school in England. All actors for those roles should be able to believably play 17.

William Carlisle
17 years old. This role is huge and very demanding. Highly articulate and fast-talking. High nervous energy, very smart, very enthusiastic, funny in a self-deprecating way. Has at times, a manic energy. Reasonably attractive in a boyishly charming way. Engaging and charming in his seeming innocence and enthusiasm. He is deeply disturbed but one would not know it from his manner until he finally breaks.

Lilly Cahill:
17 years old. Tries to appear quite sophisticated beyond her years. And tries to be enigmatic and mysterious. She is in fact struggling for that image, and does not have the confidence she projects. Sexy in her mysteriousness, seemingly casual sexually but really trying to discover the limits of her new-found allure. Smart and quick to understand and reply…new to the school but sassy and unafraid.

Bennett Francis
17 years old. Quite attractive and athletic. The class bully. Tests his natural strength by showing quite extreme cruelty to other students. Relentless in his taunting and keen in his criticisms. It would take a lot to survive his onslaught. He would not make a good grown-up or a good partner or father. Naturally mean and quite scary.

Chadwick Meade
17 years old. The not attractive one. A natural target for bullying because of his looks and because he is the class nerd…extremely brainy and knowledgeable, which makes Bennett all the more delighted to torture him. Turns out though that Chadwick can’t be really hurt since he is extremely confident and has amazing resilience…he turns out to be a winner.

Cissy Franklin
17 years old. Bennett’s girlfriend. Sparky and with a huge amount of curiosity about the world outside of this small one. Very ambitious and a real self-starter. Quick and incisive, except for her failure to see what a bad guy Bennett is. She is a model student, not because she is so smart, but because she works very hard. She is a survivor until she isn’t.

Tanya Gleason
17 years old. A bit overweight. Pragmatic and strong. Compassionate, she defends Chadwick with much energy and conviction. A strong conscience and unafraid. She does not go with the flow and seems to know herself reasonably well, for a 17 year old.

Nicholas Chatman
17 years old. Mild-mannered and not the brightest of the lot. Very athletic. Very handsome. He is more sexually mature and easy than the others…any young woman would fall for him because he is more a man physically than the others…a biological imperative.

Dr. Harvey
40s or 50s. Soft-spoken, calming, assuring.

Lucy Francis
11 years old. Polite, reserved, innocent young schoolgirl. Very small role.

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