MANHATTAN PARISIENNE - 59E59 Theatre Auditions

Posted: May 12, 2014

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MANHATTAN PARISIENNE - Submit for NY Appointment
Alain Boublil and Jeffrey Markowitz | New York, NY

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Attn: Manhattan Parisienne AEA Submit
Tara Rubin Casting
570 7th Ave, Suite 401
New York NY 10018
$500/week minimum
Submissions from AEA actors only for these appointment auditions.

To be considered for an appointment via this notice, the AEA member must submit him/herself.

see breakdown.
Other Dates
World Premiere
1st Rehearsal: o/a 11/25/14.
Play runs: 12/16 - 1/5/15 at the 59E59 Theatre

NYC auditions will be held the 1st week of June by appointment only.
Director: Graciela Daniele
Writer: Alain Boublil
Casting: Tara Rubin Casting

Manhattan Parisienne is a musical play about the random meeting of a man and a woman from completely different worlds. During an afternoon together through music and their French / American connection they discover that they are very much the same person, battling similar fears, hopes and dreams.

Mr. Boublil is using some of his favorite songs from American and French songbooks to carry or be part of the action of the play as they reflect the different worlds where the two characters come from and later are immersed in.


30s-40's. This actor will need to play a number of roles as various characters in Adam’s and Eve's past and present. TEDDY - Showy, boisterous bar/club/cabaret owner. GERARD - Eve's former married lover who works as a fashion photographer. PAUL - Adam's former lover. Very supportive and compassionate. ADAM’s MOTHER - Can be overbearing but very loyal to her son. STRONG PIANIST/ACTOR/SINGER

Male or Female. A surreal guardian angel to all other characters. Must sing a bit, act and play both saxophone and piano well, percussion a plus

The following roles have been CAST. Actors may be considered for possible replacements if any should be needed:

30s-40's, Character is gay. A drifting piano player hanging out at his buddy's bar/club/cabaret. Adam walks through life carefully, never trusting his own instincts, obsessed with the French culture and ambiance in order to have some connection with his Jazz playing father who abandoned him years ago. THIS ROLE IS CAST

30s-40's. Grounded in New York City for the first time on her way back to Paris due to bad weather, she stumbles into TEDDY'S (the bar/club/cabaret). Disheveled and dismayed Eve with all of her spirit, velocity and style connects to Adam and is convinced by him to extend her stay. She is a singer and dancer who has not had much success in her homeland. THIS ROLE IS CAST

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