FAT CAMP - Developmental Lab Auditions

Posted: July 9, 2014

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FAT CAMP - Equity Principal Auditions
Michael Minarik and Carl Levin/Eleven Entertainment | New York, NY
Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal
Equity Principal Auditions
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
lunch 1 to 2
Developmental Lab Agreement; $1000/week (pending)
Actors' Equity Association Audition Center
165 West 46th Street
16th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Equity actors who sing for various roles.

see breakdown.
Prepare a brief rock, pop or contemporary theatre pop/rock song. Bring sheet music; accompanist provided.

Please bring a picture/resume.
Other Dates
Producers: Michael Minarik and Carl Levin/Eleven Entertainment
Director: Scott Schwartz
Book/Lyrics: Randy Blair
Book: Tim Drucker
Music: Matthew roi Berger
General Management: Bespoke Theatricals
Casting: Michael Cassara Casting
Anticipated Dates: 9/2/2014 - 9/12/2014
· EPA Rules are in effect.
· A monitor will be provided.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

Male. late teens/early 20s. Overweight. Charismatic, charming, and hilarious with an amazing voice, Robert's insecurities are skillfully hidden beneath the mask of rock 'n roll inspired teenage rebellion. Sent to camp against his will and desperate to break out. Requires an actor who possesses both excellent comedic chops and emotional depth. Drumming skills a plus. High rock tenor.

Female. late teens/early 20s. Overweight. Dedicated, outgoing, smart, optimistic. A midwestern girl who has spent the past year working at Starbucks to save money to enroll in camp and lose weight. Longs to be "normal." High belter.

Female. late teens/early 20s. Overweight. Fierce, sassy, sexy, funny. She's been to camp for the past 3 summers and is more concerned with hooking up than exercise. A rich girl who loves a good time, a cigarette, and a Cinnabon. Must be comically gifted. Belter.

Male. late teens/early 20s. Overweight. That weirdo Jewish kid whose interjections are often met with confused silence. An oddball fanboy. Homeschooled and lovable. Must be a uniquely gifted comic actor. High tenor.

Male. African American. late teens/early 20s. Overweight. A YouTube celebrity who only ever shows his face online, Darnell enrolls in camp in order to qualify for gastric bypass. Blunt and easily annoyed, he is secretly a vulnerable teddy bear looking for love. Must be extremely funny and comfortable with taking off his shirt onstage. Baritenor.

Male. late teens/early 20s. Attractive, ripped, All American. Brent is a former fat kid turned junior counselor, having completely remade himself over the course of a few summers. Hates Robert Grisetti and everything he stands for. A hilariously dumb villain. Seeking an extremely physical comedic actor who can rap well. Baritone.

Female. late teens/early 20s. Overweight. An unfortunate looking girl with a retainer lisp and acne who longs to be evil like all her favorite Disney witches. Blissfully unaware of how bizarre she truly is, Britta loves chaos (and her brother Brent.) Must be a uniquely gifted comic actor. Character singer.

Female, 30s - 50s. Co-owner of Camp Overton and teen weight loss expert. Professional, but extremely quirky comic actress. Character belter.

Male, 30s-50s. Co-owner of Camp Overton and teen weight loss expert. Professional with lots of underlying quirk. Could either be either the masculine outdoorsy type, or a quirky character man. Character baritone.

Female. late teens/early 20s. Beautiful, athletic, perfect. Ashley is the captain of the Pennsylvania All-State Cheerleading squad. The holy grail. Seeking a funny actress with cheerleading/acrobatic experience. Strong pop belter.

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