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BWW Review: HALFWAY TO HALLOWEEN at Kim's Krypt Haunted Mill

A taste of what's to come...

BWW Review: HALFWAY TO HALLOWEEN at Kim's Krypt Haunted Mill When somebody says that they want to go to the theatre, your mind most likely conjures up images of a raised stage with a velvet curtain and a room full of seats. There are, however, unique theatrical options available that more fully immerse you in the stories being told. One of the most well-known variations of interactive theatre is horror attractions that traditionally pop up during the Halloween season. We are fortunate to have one such local attraction that doesn't believe in making us wait all year to mingle with its spooks. For the second time, Kim's Krypt Haunted Mill gave us Halfway To Halloween, a taste of scary bliss and a sneak peek of what's to come for their full 2022 fall season. And it definitely didn't disappoint!

There are so many bits and pieces to appreciate within these walk-through spaces, and Kim's Krypt has no shortage of imagination when it comes to creating their sets. Owner Kim Yates spares no expense to create lifelike mazes filled with towering dragons guarding their eggs, a forest full of creepy doll trees, and most anything you can think of in between. There is extraordinary detail in every single inch of each house. Even after going through the Horror Of Menges Mill twice, I know I am still missing a lot. The stars of this particular house are definitely the larger than life animatronics all throughout. Gorgeous dragons, giant creature heads that pop out of the walls, and a swamp room with a giant crocodile that never fails to make me scream... these and more await you during this adventure.

The Haunted Mill was also open and is a monster in its own right. All four floors of the mill are creatively utilized to create a supersized maze complete with what appears to be real sawmill equipment. The basement includes a section where the walls are covered floor to ceiling in skulls and bones, which also look eerily real. As someone who is sensitive to spirit activity, there seemed to be an additional layer of energy that made this house even more unsettling. Nods to classic horror icons can be seen while a majority of the content in each house stays original to this attraction. I also appreciated the length of each house. They are easily the longest mazes that I have been through and are well worth the money.

The performers of Kim's Krypt are also next level fabulous. Each character seems to have an equal amount of care put into its creation. Inside the houses, characters always seem to match their section. This is an incredibly important part of keeping a consistent and believable atmosphere. The costumes, makeup, and props for each monster are also masterfully created and top notch. Everyone is the perfect blend of sinister and friendly. This haunt is incredibly rare in that not only do the performers give off strong family/no drama vibes, but Kim has a unique way of making patrons feel like family as well.

In addition to the houses, there are some other spooky activities to do to keep yourself occupied. The Zombie Escape Room is a fun challenge. It left me wishing that there was a longer version, which I hope they explore at some point. I also took a ride in one of Kim's four authentic hearses, which is always a good time. They're hoping to have a new midway open for the fall season, and I'm very excited to see what that includes. The only thing I really feel the common space is lacking is food choices. Getting scared makes one very hungry, and so far I have only seen one snack shack with limited snacks and drinks. This may be very different when the full season is in swing, as I have only attended the Krypt's mini events so far, but it would be great to have some full meal options at the smaller events as well. I love the offerings outside of the houses and hope that Kim and her crew continue to expand on them over time.

If Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights and a vintage haunted house had a child, it would be Kim's Krypt Haunted Mill. This is by far the best haunted attraction in all of Central Pennsylvania. To learn more and plan your trip to the Krypt this fall, visit to sign up for their newsletter and watch for updates. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram. Only four months left until the veil thins again, and the spooks come back out to play. We hope that you'll join in the fun...

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