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BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST VOCAL GROUP


Let's talk about Groups, baby.

BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST VOCAL GROUP Who doesn't love a great vocal group? The Shirelles, The Andrews Sisters, Peter, Paul & Mary... they are all so wonderful, so unique, so enjoyable. Everyone has a favorite, don't they? The household favorites by my family are The Mamas & The Papas and ABBA (stop that judgment!) but my personal favorite is Gladys Knight and The Pips. I think we all wish that we could, at some point, know what it feels like to have that kind of connection with another singer, or two other singers, maybe three. To know, instinctively, where they are going to with their vocal performance, to have the ability to make harmonies with others - it's special. In a way, it's kind of magical. It is definitely a relationship that is based on intimacy, trust, and knowing the people with whom you are working.

These vocal groups are all extremely popular, not just in the club circuit of Manhattan, but in other cities, even in other countries, where fans just can't get enough of them.

The Category is BEST VOCAL GROUP

The Skivvies: This team of exceptional musicians is so talented they didn't really need a gimmick to make people come to their shows. But with a gimmick this delicious, music lovers are certainly glad they came up with it! Every Skivvies show has a story, a theme, a motivation for the famous guests to appear in their BVDs, right alongside their hosts, Lauren Molina and Nick Cearley. The Skivvies WEBSITE.

THOSE GIRLS: Made up of four women with stand-out careers of their own, THOSE GIRLS rose to the heights like a new star rising in the East. Their popularity was almost immediate, and the group has been working full-time on their own shows and putting in appearances in almost every group show in town. It's because THOSE GIRLS are TALENTED WOMEN. THOSE GIRLS WEBSITE

Clearly Now: Relatively new on the scene, this group is made up of three artists who have stood out as solo artists who have reached the top of their game. When guitarist extraordinaire Sean Harkness, rock & roll Mama Lina Koutrakos, and smooth and sensual vocalist Marcus Simeone tried their hand in this combined effort, there was an immediate reaction, and with good cause. Clearly Now ONLINE.

The Boy Band Project: Everyone loves a Boy Band, even if they don't want to admit it. Everyone should admit it, though, because Boy Bands bond us together. I favor The Backstreet Boys and Boyz To Men ... at least I did before I found The Boy Band Project. Made up of Broadway performers, the BBP is the brain-child of Travis Nesbitt, and though people might, at first blush, think they are just a cover band, they would be wrong. The throngs of fans that fill the seats at The Boy Band Brunch would tell you otherwise. The Boy Band Project WEBSITE

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