THE X FACTOR: The Final 5 Results Show!


The time has come, folks- it's the final 5 results show! After tonight, 4 contestants will move on to next week's semi-finals and be just one step away from winning the competition! Last night, everyone did a great job with their dance songs as well as the songs that they chose for themselves. One contestant must go home tonight and will not make it to the semi-finals.

Lenny Kravitz kicked off the show with a performance of "Rock Star City Life." He was really entertaining and his performanceTHE X FACTOR: The Final 5 Results Show! was a lot of fun. He gave a very good performance.

Next, we got to see backstage footage of the contestants getting ready for last night's show. It was nice to see the hair and make up and wardrobe crew getting some recognition for the work that they do.

The first results were then revealed. The contestants that will be moving on to the semi-finals are Josh Krajcik (I'm glad that America didn't listen to Simon and kept him in the competition!) and Chris Rene (He definitely deserves to stay after that incredible performance last night!).

Mary J. Blige performed next. She sang "Need Someone to Love You" and sounded beautiful. Her performance was great and she really shined like the THE X FACTOR: The Final 5 Results Show!superstar that she is. 

The next competitor moving on to next week was announced. Melanie Amaro will be going through to the semi-finals (she gave one of the best performances last night and deserves to move on). Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty were in the bottom two and would have to sing for their lives. I don't believe either of these contestants deserves to be in the bottom since they both gave very strong performances last night. I am especially surprised that Marcus Canty received the lowest number of votes for the third week in a row (He really can't catch a break!).

Marcus Canty was first to perform. He sang "I'm Goin' Down" (A very appropriate choice, since Mary J. Blige just performed minutes before!). He gave an incredible performance! His vocals were very strong and he really stepped it up.

Rachel Crow sang "I'd Rather Go Blind." She was amazing! Her vocals were very powerful. She was extremely emotional and definitely put her all into this performance.

Both contestants put up a good fight! The judges agreed that they each did a great job and had difficulty making their decisions.

The judges voted for who they thought should go home. L.A. voted for Rachel Crow and Simon and Paula voted for Marcus Canty to leave the competition. Nicole had the final vote. She had a tough time choosing, but decided to vote for Rachel Crow so that they would be in a deadlock. Their THE X FACTOR: The Final 5 Results Show!fates would now be in the hands of America. Of the two, whoever received the lowest number of votes last night would be sent home. The contestant that will be leaving the competition is Rachel Crow. She was overcome by emotion and dropped to the ground in tears. As she was sobbing, Nicole got very upset. It was heartbreaking to watch. It is very hard to see such a talented girl go home.

That was intense! After a very emotional results show, we now have our 4 semi-finalists! Marcus Canty rounds out the group. He definitely deserves to be moving on and it is very impressive that he survived his third time in a row on the chopping block. He will be joining Josh Krajcik, Chris Rene, and Melanie Amaro in the semi-finals. The top 4 contestants are just one round away from the finale and two weeks form tonight we will have our winner!

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Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw / FOX.


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