Small Screen Adaptation of Suzi Weinert's GARAGE SALE MYSTERY to Premiere 9/14; Book Now Available

Small Screen Adaptation of Suzi Weinert's GARAGE SALE MYSTERY to Premiere 9/14; Book Now Available

Garage sales. For some, they're a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon. For others, they're a passionate quest wherein the latest prize could await around any corner.

But what happens when the treasure hunter becomes the hunted?

In Garage Sale Stalker [Barringer Publishing], the debut novel from Suzi Weinert, Jennifer Shannon sees her safe, happy, comfortable life in affluent McLean, Virginia thrown into chaos as her keen eye for detail and her natural problem-solving instincts - honed through years of garage sale sporting - lead her into the thick of a deranged killer's nefarious plot. As she begins to identify the links between a series of burglaries and the disappearances of local women at the garage and estate sales she frequents, Jennifer finds danger closer to her doorstep than she could've ever imagined, and must use her wit, imagination and knowledge of the shadowy madman to protect herself and her family from his vow of revenge.

An imaginative, engrossing and assured debut, Garage Sale Stalker introduces Weinert as a formidable new voice in the thriller genre.

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With enough nail-biting suspense to keep even the most hardened of mystery readers on The Edge of their seats, a dash of romance, and a powerful dose of realism,Garage Sale Stalker is already set for major cable network television treatment, with Full House star Lori Loughlin set to bring Jennifer Shannon to life in a Hallmark Channel made-for-TV feature based on the book on September 14th, 2013.

"When I finished writing Garage Sale Stalker, I said 'Well, been there, done that. Now I can just sit on the couch and eat grapes," Weinert recalled in an interview with theOrange County Review. "I was thunderstruck when the publisher said, 'No. No. No. This is the first in a series."

Weinert fans won't have to wait long: Garage Sale Diamonds, the second instalment in the Garage Sale mystery series, is set for release in September 2013.

About the Author:

Suzi Weinert is the author of Garage Sale Stalker, the first novel in a series of Garage Sale mysteries. A member of the Mystery Writers of America and Sisters-in-Crime, she lives with her husband, a retired Army officer, in the Virginia countryside.

Garage Sale Stalker is currently available via all major online retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, on Audible, and in brick-and-mortar bookstores throughout the world ($15.95 paperback / $9.59 e-book / $21.95 audiobook).