Season Two of BREW DOGS to Premiere 6/25 on Esquire Network

Season Two of BREW DOGS to Premiere 6/25 on Esquire Network

James Watt and Martin Dickie, founders of the UK's fastest growing brewery and creators of the world's strongest ale, return to create more craft beer anarchy when season two of Brew Dogs premieres Wednesday, June 25 at 9/8c on Esquire Network.

In each of the 10, one-hour Brew Dogs episodes, James and Martin visit a different American beer town, celebrate distinctive craft beers and create their own locally-inspired draft. Along the way, they break every rule in modern brewing, seek out (sometimes bizarre) local ingredients for their brew, and challenge American brewers to help them create the most outrageous beers on earth.

Brew Dogs episodes include:

  • Alaska - Cut off from civilization in the Alaskan wilderness, James and Martin brew a survivalist beer with glacier water, spruce tips, winterberries, and a few old airplane parts.
  • Chicago - In honor of St. Patrick's Day, James and Martin team up with Revolution Brewing in Chicago to create the "greenest" beer ever, and not just in terms of color. For the brewing process, they enlist the aid of engineer David Donley to build a wind-powered brew system atop one of the many high rises in Chicago's famous skyline.
  • Colorado - After meeting with an archeologist and scaling giant pine trees, James and Martin brew a modern take on an ancient beer style using primitive brewing equipment that they've actually built themselves.
  • Delaware - James and Martin visit Dover Speedway, where they team up with Dogfish Head Brewery's Sam Calagione and attempt to brew an all-new beer in the back of a truck racing around the Monster Mile-the world's fastest one-mile oval.
  • Las Vegas - In Las Vegas, where millions are won and lost every day, James and Martin brew the most expensive beer ever-even if that means melting down gold, shaving truffles, and finding water from halfway around the world.
  • Los Angeles - The Brew Dogs go head-to-head, competing alongside local home brewers to make the best new boundary-pushing beer in LA. Each team must successfully design their own brew, sourcing local ingredients.
  • Maui - Sugarcane and toasted coconut flavor James and Martin's newest brew, a Hot Lava Rock beer based on the lifestyle and history of Maui-and brewed amid hula skirts and fire dancers at a local luau.
  • New Orleans - The Brew Dogs turn to swamp fruit and a voodoo priestess to create a revival beer in New Orleans. To Capture the true bayou experience, they build a mobile brewery on the back of a fan boat.
  • NorCal - In an RV in Northern California, James and Martin make impromptu craft pairings with campfire food and create the ultimate collaboration beer with Sierra Nevada and Bear Republic, and brew it with the help of a local professor, the "Pope of Foam."
  • North Carolina - James and Martin brew the most caloric beer ever, a Maple Bacon Ice Cream Stout, in Durham, NC. And they do it on bikes. Burn calories while brewing calories.

Brew Dogs is produced for Esquire Network by Custom/Redtail Partners LLC. Executive producers are Steve Stockman, Chris Burke and Jared Cotton.