Sean Browne Discusses His Next Short Film 'Atoms'

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Sean Browne is best known as the author of the children's book, "The Very Loving Caterpillar," and the corresponding award winning short film by the same name. Browne's next short is a film entitled, "Atoms" which will be the segway to the feature film, "Atoms." Currently, according to Browne, he is in the development stage developing the characters and environmental sketches. There is a full pitch deck available for review for those interested in becoming involved.

According to Browne, "The subject matter of the film is a spiritual film with heavy animation and profound thoughts, motivations, and synergistic interactions between the characters portraying elements of courage, love, teamwork, energy, quantum mechanics, nanotechnology, and duality. The short, "Atom's" will be approximately six to seven minutes long.

When discussing the subject matter of the film, producer and director Sean Browne, summarized by starting with the logline of the film, "Inside the body of a sick, 13-year-old princess, Logiq, a carbon atom who is head of defense, runs away from home and faces his worst fears in the outside world." There is a princess, Princess Satya who is sick and dying, so her parents call for anyone who can save her."

Browne discussed the summary of the film,

"A scientist named Moon shows up and shares a solution, a solution to which the king and queen agree. Inside Satya's body, Logiq, the head of defense carbon atom can't handle his duty to protect his people and his home from the viruses trying to destroy it, so he runs away. Where he ends up is outside of the body where he finds himself in yet another similar predicament and runs away again; however, this time his friend Zeal, an oxygen atom. Zeal convinces him to stay and help defeat the enemies. Logiq, along with the help of his friends, is victorious and gains the courage to go back and fight for his home."

So far the film has been pitched at the 'San Diego International Kids' Film Festival', and the 'New Media Film Festival'. According to Browne, he has met with producers from Golden Artemis Entertainment who have expressed interest in making the film.

Browne's writing and production team is set, to include, Alec Sokolow, who wrote "Toy Story," as an advisor on the film "Atoms;" Elie Choufany, who is a co-writer with Browne on the film; Touijri Hamza, character designer, Shana Adams as a producer; Jésus Sifuentes is the line producer, and Sean Browne will produce and direct. 'From the Heart Productions' is the film's fiscal sponsor.

The short film will be the impetus for the forthcoming feature version of "Atoms," to give potential cast, additional supporters and forthcoming producers a concrete vision of the feature. Sean Browne also has a vision for who he would like to have on board as lead actors, his list includes Donald Glover, Idris Elba, Awkwafina, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitcia Wright, Jim Carrey, Jaden Smith, Lupita Nyong'o and Vin Diesel, as actors who he knows could bring the vision to life for the film "Atoms."

Browne is seeking relationships with those who want to support the film, an additional producer and with a compatible animation studio. Anyone wishing to speak with Sean Browne about potential involvement should contact him directly at

When describing his strengths as a filmmaker, Sean Browne realizes his strength of creating a vision for a film and effective team building, to make his vision for the film, "Atoms," a reality in terms of both the forthcoming short and the feature film, "Atoms." Browne concludes the interview by stating his goal for his production "Atoms" as "opening the consciousness of humanity through entertainment and science." Also according to Browne, he has been intrigued by "atoms" since his mom first started explaining atoms and Science to him at a very young age.

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