James Marsden and Eddie Rouse Board HBO's WESTWORLD Pilot

James Marsden and Eddie Rouse Board HBO's WESTWORLD Pilot

Deadline reports that James Marsden and Eddie Rouse are the latest actors to sign on for HBO's new drama pilot WESTWORLD, from J.J. Abrams.

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In Michael Crichton's original 1973 movie, WESTWORLD was "set in the near future at a high-tech, highly realistic amusement part called Delos that features androids that are nearly identical to human beings." WESTWORLD was previously adapted into the 1980 drama series BEYOND WESTWORLD, which also incorporated elements from the film's sequel FUTUREWORLD.

Marsden will play 'Teddy Flood', "a mysterious new arrival to a small frontier town who quickly proves both his charm, and his talent, with a revolver". Rouse will take on the role of 'Kissy' -- aka 'Kisecawchuck' -- "an American Indian who deals cards, and contraband, from the town saloon".

Also in the cast are Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Demetrius Grosse, Kyle Bornheimer, Currie Graham, Lena Georgas, Steven Ogg and Timothy Lee DePriest.

The project comes from J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot, Warner Bros. TV and LOST's Bryan Burk, with PERSON OF INTEREST's Jonathan Nolan set to direct and co-write the pilot with Lisa Joy. Jerry Weintraub, who has been gunning for the series for years, will also produce.

Marsden's upcoming projects include Welcome to Me, Nailed, The Loft, Unfinished Business, D-Train and The Best of Me.Rouse will next appear in Stand Down Solider. Among his recent film credits are Low Down, The Fortune Theory and more.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Broski