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IN THE LAND OF POMEGRANATES Documentary To Open in LA March 16

IN THE LAND OF POMEGRANATES Documentary To Open in LA March 16

First Run Features is proud to announce the Los Angeles premiere of In the Land of Pomegranates, directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Hava Kohav Beller.The film opens at Laemmle's Music Hall on March 16, 2018. Director Hava Kohav Beller will be present for Q&As opening weekend.

The pomegranate is the fruit of the land,
a symbol of rejuvenation and rebirth.
It is also a euphemism for a hand grenade.

In the Land of Pomegranates is a suspenseful, multi-layered documentary about a group of young people who were born into a violent and insidious ongoing war. They are young Palestinians and Israelis invited to Germany to join a retreat called 'Vacation From War' where they live under the same roof and face each other every day. In these highly charged encounters they confront the entrenched myths and grievances that each side has for the other. As they try to gain insight into the seemingly irreconcilable narratives, the paradoxes and contradictions born of legend and history along with passionately held ideals and the daily fight for survival surface.

Interwoven into this intense footage, adding context, the film also follows other embattled lives in the Occupied Territories and Israel: a mother and her four children living in the shadow of THE WALL abutting Gaza; an imprisoned Palestinian and the subsequent path he's taken; an Israeli SURVIVOR of a suicide bombing; and a daring Palestinian mother whose son's life is saved by an Israeli doctor. They are all caught in the duality of the pomegranate: will they embrace rebirth and each other's humanity, or will they pull the pin on the grenade?

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