IN FOCUS WITH MARTIN SHEEN Works on Breast Cancer Awareness Reports

The producers of In Focus with Martin Sheen have announced upcoming reports drawing attention to breast cancer during breast cancer awareness month.

In Focus with Martin Sheen is an independently produced television program airing in markets around the country on public television. In Focus Martin Sheen has developed a reputation for showcasing subjects impacting audiences including healthcare issues, business innovation and community groups. The show is hosted by the legendary Martin Sheen. Over 50 years in the entertainment industry Mr. Sheen has built a reputation as a gifted actor and as a noted philanthropist and activist.

During October, countless events are used to help raise awareness of one of America’s most pressing health issues in breast cancer. The disease claims 40,000 lives each year in America, and the efforts during October are helping spread the message about the importance of early detection. During this month, In Focus will be working to show how these events are helping to raise awareness. The show will also be highlighting medical breakthroughs that are giving breast cancer patients hope in their fight against the disease.

For more information about the reports or to offer other ideas related to this topic, In Focus with Martin Sheen can be reached through the show’s official website at or on Facebook at