Gritty Drama LA GRANJA Acquired for June release by Breaking Glass Pictures

Gritty Drama LA GRANJA Acquired for June release by Breaking Glass Pictures

Gritty Drama LA GRANJA Acquired for June release by Breaking Glass Pictures

Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired North American rights to the Puerto Rican drama LA GRANJA (The Farm) from first-time director Angel Manuel Soto. In the vein of Amores Perros, LA GRANJA provides a "strong visual sense, along with powerful performances" (Remezcla) and is described as "one of the most impressive films coming out of Puerto Rico in recent years" (CineXpress). LA GRANJA held its world premiere at Fantastic Fest, and went on to play TriBeCa, Raindance, and the Miami International Film Festival. The film was also nominated for Best Foreign Language at the UK National Film Academy.

Richard Wolff, CEO of Breaking Glass, and Amanda Rae Simon, Esq. negotiated the deal with Executive Producer Tom Davia.

"In a style similar to maestros González Iñárritu and Arriaga, LA GRANJA presents multiple intersecting storylines about the pursuit of individual ?happiness and how often we are inevitably reduced to our most animalistic tendencies by our environment in an attempt to survive at all costs", said executive producer Tom Davia. "Over the years, Breaking Glass has been doing great things to bring Spanish-language films and introduce them to North American culture and audiences, which makes them a perfect fit for this release."

"La Granja is an excellent example of quality independent filmmaking with a small budget and plenty of character", said Michael Repsch, SVP of Distribution & Sales at Breaking Glass. "We are very excited to be working with Angel on his feature directorial debut and bringing North American audiences an honest and gritty look at Puerto Rico."

OFFICAL SYNOPSIS In the small sector of a Macondo-like island forgotten by the catastrophic effects of an economic depression and drug addiction, lives are pushed to the limit. A promising young boxer, a barren midwife, and a fat kid with a bike: three intersecting stories focus around the pursuit of happiness and its unanticipated consequences during the economic collapse of the island of Puerto Rico. Each actor in this modern day tragedy will ultimately discover how the pursuit of hope can dehumanize and expose underlying animal instincts.

Breaking Glass is planning a limited theatrical followed by a VOD and DVD release in June of 2017.

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