Discovery En Espanol Kicks Off Hispanic Heritage Month with Launch of Docu-Reality Show TEXAS TROCAS

Discovery En Espanol Kicks Off Hispanic Heritage Month with Launch of Docu-Reality Show TEXAS TROCAS

Discovery en Espanol kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month with the launch of TEXAS TROCAS, a docu-reality show that introduces the Mendez family, a group of successful and talented Mexican-Americans from San Antonio with an expertise in transforming average rigs to works of art. The show follows the family dynamics and antics as they exceed their customers' expectations by taking their transformations to unexpected heights. TEXAS TROCAS (#TexasTrocas) is set to air Mondays at 10PM E/P, during the networks' top rated PRIMETIME block "Lunes de motores", starting September 15 th.

Forty years ago, Raul Mendez Sr., the patriarch of the family, came to the United States from Mexico. He worked the fields of South Texas until he was able to save enough to purchase his own truck. After much sacrifice and effort, he successfully opened his own transportation business alongside his wife, Lupita ("La Mera"). Years later, the new generation of the Mendez familyhis sons Ral Jr. and Rolandosaw an lucrative business opportunity in personalized truck renovations and decided to expand their father's company. It was then that Texas Chrome was born, today considered to be one of the most-respected companies in Texas, and whose truck designs have won international awards and prestige. What started out merely as a job to support a family is now an empire that continues to grow from generation to generation.

"TEXAS TROCAS brings never-before-seen big rig transformations to our screen, and the story of a hard-working and close knit Mexican family, who achieved their American dream. It is a story that all Latinos can relate to and be proud of," commented Bilai Joa Silar, Vice President of Content of Discovery en Espanol.

Each episode of TEXAS TROCAS shows the craftsmanship of the Mendez family and their crews as they convert old, rusty trucks into real works of art, while balancing the family dynamics. Rolando, the younger brother, is the creative mind behind the transformations, while Raul is more analytical and focused on the business end. Working together while keeping the peace in the family is no small feat. Differing opinions, client demands, and tight deadlines build tension and drama between the brothers, sometimes causing their wives, Johann and Lorena, and of course Lupita, "La Mera, Mera", to step in and diffuse a situation.

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Discovery En Espanol Kicks Off Hispanic Heritage Month with Launch of Docu-Reality Show TEXAS TROCAS