Benjamin Walker Film Postponed Due to Budgetary Issues


As first reported on, Legendary Pictures has delayed filming of the upcoming film PARADISE LOST.  Shooting for the film was set to begin in January of 2012.  Alex Proyas is to direct the epic action adventure which is based on the classic poem by John Milton and tells the tale of good versus evil.  

Included in the star-studded cast is actor Bradley Cooper in the role of Lucifer, Broadway's 'Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson' star, Benjamin Walker, as archangel Michael, Diego Boneta as Adam and Camilla Belle Eve.  

According to the report, budgetary problems may be behind the sudden postponement of the filming.  The original $120 million budget has already been surpassed by 10 - 15%.  The film was set to begin shooting in Australia and both cast and crew are only now learning of the delay. It is unusual for a film of this magnitude to delay a start date, even if it is only on a temporary basis.  Last year, Disney found themselves in a similar situation with their upcoming film 'The Lone Ranger'.  In that case, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski struggled to bring the cost of filming down to a $215 million budget.  This may not be as easy for the filmmakers of 'Paradise Lost' due to the film's highly technical nature. Legendary Pictures hopes to begin filming the project in late spring or early summer. 

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