BWW Recap: THE VOICE, As Top Twelve Compete for America's Votes, Everyone Steps Out of Their Comfort Zone

BWW Recap: THE VOICE, As Top Twelve Compete for America's Votes, Everyone Steps Out of Their Comfort Zone

Hello everyone! Ready for the Voice? Tonight 12 artists will be performing, and only 10 will stat after tomorrow's elimination show. It now no longer matters what team the singers are on. For instance, two people from Team Adam could go home tomorrow. So it is more important than ever to vote for who you want to see make it to the Top Ten next week.

Caroline Pennell is the first singer of the night, singing Wake Me Up by Avicii. Shows off a different side of her when performing a faster song. CeeLo is convinced that America loves her. Blake said that she was great despite the audience's "bad rhythm". Adam said there's a purity about her that shows in her performance.

Josh Logan is singing "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson. Tonight seems to be all about showing different sides of their performance, becoming more soulful as he covers a classic. Christina said that he did a wonderful job, and held back on his runs, and even though he did that. Blake said that if he had sung as quietly and simply as he sang this week, he would not have been in the bottom two last week.

James Wolpert sings "Mr. Brightside", a song that Adam described as exactly in his "sweet spot". He does a great job with the rocker song. Adam said that he became a rockstar and that he loved the performance. Christina mentioned his growth, and that with past performances they were pitchy, but James wasn't. CeeLo mentioned that people have mentioned The Voice is too nice, but it's because they have such a great performances.

Austin Jenckles goes next with "A Great Day to Be Alive" by Travis Tritt, a country classic, with Blake's hope that he will gain country fans if he sings it well. Blake calls him 'solid' every time he gets on stage, and says that country fans will embrace fans. He said that when he goes home, everyone wants to drink with him. Adam mentions the big note he hits, while Christina says it just felt good.

Jacquie Lee is up next with "Love is Blind" the Jack White version, in a way to make her seem current. Christina said she showed a vocal depth and equated that with her soul. Adam said it was great to hear such a big voice come out of such a small body. And CeeLo said he wanted to download that. Jacquie is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, I'm so glad to see her do so well!

Ray Bourdeaux is up next singing "All of Me" by John Legend. This was yet another song whose goal was to get him out of his comfort zone. Blake loved the performance, and knew all the ladies would love Ray singing about love Christina said she felt like the song fell short, but that she was judging with her brain and not her "lower region".

Kat Robichaid sings "Sail" next to bring back the idea of the rocker girl. CeeLo said there was an opportunity for her to make impression. Blake loved the performance, and said his favorite part was when she sang while crowd surfing, because neither Blake nor Adam were sure she was going to sing through that, but she did. Christina said she was happy to see Kat back as a rocker, and glad to see all these girls rocking it.

Jonny Gray sings "Another Day In Paradise" by Phil Collins. CeeLo said that he did a good job with a song that was a narrative. Adam said that in the beginning that everything was a bit out of sync, but eventually it came together, and he said it can be hard to sing through that.

Tessanne Chin sang "My Kind of Love" by Emili Sandé. Adam said that she had The Voice to a degree that is astounding. Once again, she impressed all of the judges with her amazing powerhouse vocals.

Matthew Schuler sang "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, which everyone was silent during. All of the judges seemed touched by Matthew's voice and Blake said that he was the front runner of Christina's team. All of the judges were entranced by his voice.

Cole Vosbury sang "Adore" by Miguel. All of the judges praised Cole and Blake on the chance they'd taken on doing a song so different than what Cole was used to. CeeLo reminded people that he was the only person to turn around for Cole in the beginning and that he was very proud of where he was now.

Will Champlin sang "Demons" by Imagine Dragons. His coach, Adam, talked about loving music too much, which was something that Will said he did, but Adam applauded him for this, as well as his amazing rendition, by saying people need to love music so much to make it the business.

And that's it! You can vote starting now until 11 AM tomorrow, using, calling, texting (if you have Sprint), or by buying their single on iTunes. For more information on how to vote, or to rewatch performances from tonight, go to

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