BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Defends Lena While National City Attacks the 'Luthors'

BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Defends Lena While National City Attacks the 'Luthors'

BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Defends Lena While National City Attacks the 'Luthors'

In this episode, we finally find out if Lena Luthor is innocent or a pawn of CADMUS once and for all. Lena learns a shocking truth about her past, Lillian Luthor goes to trial for her crimes, and Kara defends her friend to everyone else. Plus, we almost got a resolution to that tension between Kara and Mon-El that's been going on for so long...

The episode starts with a flashback to twenty years prior when Lionel Luthor brought Lena home for the first time. Lillian is not pleased, but Lex warmly welcomes his new sister to play chess with him. Can I just say that the adorable little girl playing baby Lena was one of my favorite parts of this episode?

At the alien bar, Kara and Mon-El make awkward conversation. Kara asks him how things are with Eve and he insists that everything is great. But there's so much tension between the two of them, it's obvious that they're meant to be together.

Kara joins J'onn, James, and Winn who are gathered at the bar. They're talking about how excited they are to meet "Alex's mystery man" and are shocked when she shows up with Maggie. When Winn asks if anyone BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Defends Lena While National City Attacks the 'Luthors'else knew, J'onn says, "Yes, I knew; I'm a psychic." I love the idea that J'onn knew that Alex was gay this entire time. I also loved when Mon-El said, "Is that like a problem here on Earth?"

Lena Luthor is watching coverage of her mom's trial when Kara arrives at her office with donuts. Lena complains, "Everyone in National City has an opinion about me." She says that while it felt great to testify, her mother has asked to see her. Lena asks Kara if she thinks that she should go and Kara tells her, "I've spent most of my life wishing I could talk to people who are no longer here."

Lena goes to the prison to talk to Lillian who says that she forgives her for testifying and still loves her. When Lena brings up her father, Lillian counters, "If he was a good man, he would have told you the truth." Lillian confesses that Lena was the result of her father's affair and they only adopted her when her birth mother died. Lionel didn't like Lillian spending time with Lena so she stayed away. Lillian tells her, "We're the only two Luthors left and we need to be there for each other."

This part honestly made me so sad, especially when Lillian told Lena that she looks exactly like her birth mother and reminded her of her husband's affair. Honestly, it's surprising Lena turned out so well to have been raised in that environment.

BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Defends Lena While National City Attacks the 'Luthors'Mr. Corbin is given a package in jail and he opens it to reveal Kryptonite. He is brought to testify and begins spouting Medusa ideology. He tells the court that Lillian was only trying to save humanity before revealing the Kryptonite in his chest and beginning to attack people. He frees Lillian, but Supergirl appears outside to stop them.
Kara has to choose between preventing Lillian from leaving and saving some citizens from Metallo. Of course, because she's Kara, she saves the people and Lillian escapes.

Maggie looks into how Metallo got the Kryptonite and realizes he must have gotten it the night before he testified. She points out that the only person who visited the jail that night was Lena. Kara goes to warn Lena that people are saying that she helped Metallo escape, but Maggie shows up to arrest her. She has surveillance footage that shows Lena taking Kryptonite out of a cabinet.

At CatCo, Snapper says that they're putting Lena Luthor on the cover of their paper. When Kara argues with him, James is quick to support Snapper. "The only thing Lena has done is help," Kara insists, but James says that Lena is clearly capable of betrayal.

Kara literally runs into Eve in the office and asks how things are going with Mike. Eve tells her that they only went on one date because "all BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Defends Lena While National City Attacks the 'Luthors'he did was talk about you." I thought it was so funny when Eve referred to Kara as Mike's ex-girlfriend and she got flustered.

Metallo shows up at Lena's prison cell to free her. The Guardian puts up a decent fight, but is no match for him. Lena looked so afraid and shocked that it was obvious that she was innocent.

Back at the DEO, Alex treats James's wound from his fight. He says that the Kryptonite is strange and seems to be weakening Metallo. Kara gets mad at James, J'onn, and the others for assuming that Lena is guilty. "She's my friend and I believe in her," she insists. James warns her that Lex Luthor was Superman's friend and asks how she can believe in Lena, but not him as the Guardian. Honestly, I'm so fed up with James this season...I actually yelled, "This isn't about you!" at my TV.

Mon-El finds Kara taking out her anger in the practice room. When he told her, "I miss training with you," I melted a bit. Kara asks if he's going to tell her not to believe in Lena too, but he says, "You believe in a lot of people that other people don't." Kara apologizes for bBWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Defends Lena While National City Attacks the 'Luthors'eing mean and cold and says that she was mad because he started dating Eve. "You don't like me. Why do you care?" Mon-El asks (a very valid question). But she brushes off what she said. Honestly, I need these two to get together already.

A very angry Lena is in a van with Lillian and Montello. Lena insists that she wants to go back, but Lillian tells her that it's too late. I thought it was so chilling when she said, "I can finally be the mother you've always wanted because I do love you." Lillian is at her scariest when she's dealing with Lena, in my opinion, because that's when it's obvious how manipulative she truly is.

The Luthors arrive at one of Lex's old facilities in the mountains. One of Lex's arsenals is there and Lillian needs Lena to open it because only Luthor DNA can open the vault. Lena realizes that Lillian only rescued her to use her and tries to resist, but Hank Henshaw forces her to open it.

Winn is able to find the original surveillance footage used against Lena and does some fancy computer thing to find out that it was tampered with and wasn't actually her. However, just then a Kryptonite signature is detected in the mountains. Winn realizes that it's actually synthetic Kryptonite and is going to explode soon. Kara says, "I have to go now or Lena's dead," before leaving abruptly.BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Defends Lena While National City Attacks the 'Luthors'

Winn tells Kara via her earpiece that she only has a few minutes before the explosion will occur. He and Alex plead with her to turn back but she refuses. Supergirl arrives and manages to dodge Lillian's attempts to stop her. While Lillian pretends not to believe Kara's warning that Metallo's heart will explode, it's clear that she is prepping to leave. J'onn sweeps in to help and Winn and Alex become frantic as they're worried they won't make it out in time. Metallo's synthetic Kryptonite heart does explode, but not before Kara and J'onn escape with Lena.

Jeremy Jordan continues to be heartbreakingly adorable anytime Winn is upset. My friend and I realized that Alex and Winn were so upset at the idea of Kara dying because they're the two people who love Kara most, but they also know that she will never turn her back on someone who needs her.

At CatCo the next day, James apologizes to Kara for not believing her that Lena was innocent. Kara asks if they can stop trying to protect each other and simply go back to being friends. Is it terrible that I have found James's storyline very boring this entire season? Regardless I'm glad that he and Kara are back on good terms.

Lena thanks Kara for the article she wrote about her, but Kara tells her that the tons of flowers she's sent are enough thanks. It broke my heart when Lena said that no one had ever stood up like that for her before. When Kara leaves, Lena looks at the chess set in front of her and it's clear that she misses Lex despite the bad things he did.

Mon-El shows up at Kara's apartment to continue their earlier conversation. I loved how Kara admitted that she struggles to be vulnerable and thought that she had to choose between having a relationship and being Supergirl. But she tells Mon-El, "Maybe I can have it all," and they're just about to kiss when some weird guy pops into the room. I can't believe how unsatisfying that scene was!

I'm excited to see how Mr. Mxyzptlk may cause problems between Kara and Mon-El next week, but I hope they get their relationship figured out! I also hope that this isn't Katie McGrath's last episode as Lena Luthor because I love her friendship with Kara. Don't forget to tune back in next week for another episode of SUPERGIRL and check back for my next recap.

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