BWW Recap: SCORPION Goes Boom!

The show opens with a Rubik's Cube challenge. Yes you read that correctly. Because who hasn't participated in one of those? Let me say that the opening perfectly capsulates the theme of the show, a bunch of geniuses and how they function. Let me also add that one time I had a Rubik's Cube and it was the hardest thing I ever did. I wanted to give it up and just rearrange the stickers.

Moving on, Agent Gallo takes the group to a training exercise giving them the opportunity to prove themselves. All goes well until Sylvester cracks under pressure and Happy assaults a Marine. Just another day at the office for the gang right?! After the disastrous training, Walter asks Paige to try and rally the troops. Let's just all agree that it didn't go as she had probably hoped. Well she at least she tried, right?

When a bomb takes out a building that controls the internet access for a large area, the gang is told to be on pause until further notice. But after they spring into action, they point out that the blast was not an accident, but an act of terrorism. Walter and his team offer to not only get internet access for the Southwest back up and running, but to find the bomber as well. A very reluctant Agent Gallo agrees to let them work again. But truth be told, what other option does he like? If it were me, they would be the only option I'd consider!

After they pulled security footage from the building, Walter and his team start filtering through the people in the area. The line where Toby said, "We're gonna get a little un-PC in here" was just great! After some stereotyping and filtering out of bystanders, it came down to a white male in his 30's as the bomber. Pretty impressive I thought!

Following some slick moves from Happy and Toby the bomber is found but when he sees the team he gets spooked and takes off on foot. This is where SCORPION shines the brightest, in it's action scenes. With Happy on foot and Paige and Walter in a car, it turns out to be a great action sequence. This scene is what the episode has been lacking. When a city bus hits the bomber during the chase, Agent Gallo is not in the best mood. Then again, like Toby said, they at least found the bomber right?

Though she's trying, Paige doesn't seem to fit in with the group. Walter however has complete faith in her, and I'll admit, I do too. She seems to realize this is her chance to make something of herself and a future for Ralph. So as more bombs continue to go off throughout the city, it's Paige who steps up to the plate to figure out the pattern behind them.

There were parts of tonight's episode that moved so fast that I had to rewind my DVR a few times just to make sure I knew what was going on. The sum of it all, a man named Frank Turner had a mysterious file he needed to be destroyed. How does one destroy a digital file? You blow up a bunch of buildings obviously. Yes that was sarcasm. But what was in that digital file? Maybe it was nude photos this guy put in the cloud?! Just kidding! Come to find out Agent Keller was spying on the White House and Frank Turner had a file that said so.

When the show is on it's A game it's a great show. But it's when the show isn't in an action scene that it gets very slow and begins to stall. I love SCORPION as a whole, but I do not love the characters. For some reason I find myself being more invested in the team solving their weekly cases. and not the actual characters themselves. That can be good right? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

Check out a sneak peek at next week's episode titled 'Shorthanded' below:

Photo Credit: CBS

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